The Amazing Race 13, Episode 10

You're Gonna Get Me Killed

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2008

They're still stuck in Russia.

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Andrew & Dan are last to depart. Again. Before we go any further, let's review their performance to date in order to prove that we hate them for a cause. They have finished seventh out of 11, eighth out of ten, seventh out of nine, sixth out of eight, sixth out of seven, fifth out of six, fifth out of six, fourth out of five, and fourth out of four. We think Beck wrote a song about them once. Right on cue, they remark that they can use all the help they can get, and we agree with them. Frankly, Phil could run this leg with them and they still wouldn't have a chance.

Once again we fall victim to shaky editing from the Amazing Race production team, as three of the four teams enter the submarine area at what we presume is its morning opening. Team Superbad is nowhere to be found. That's right. They've falling so far behind that even the latest attempt at bunching doesn't help them.

When the teams enter the submarine, we're a bit disappointed that the NCIS team isn't waiting for them in a shameless CBS crossover. We were rooting for Ziva to destroy Dan & Andrew. The three teams on the sub get their clues within five seconds of one another, creating the closest bunching of the season. We also love the boyish excitement exhibited by the guys, as they all thoroughly have enjoyed the opportunity to run around on a submarine.


The teams are instructed to go to "the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments", where they will receive their next instructions. An indeterminate amount of time later, Dan & Andrew enter the sub. We are surprised by this, as we had expected the Russian navy guys from last week to warn their military brethren to bar access to these uncoordinated goofs.

Nick & Starr are the first duo to find their next clue, and have arrived at a Road Block. This competition is an Agatha Christie novel in execution. Teams have to count the number of statues of Lenin and Stalin, which will eventually give them a number of 62. They will go to a bookstore where they will tell a woman this number, and she will hand them a shoe with a telephone in it, or something like that. Oh wait. What will actually happen is she will hand them a book, they will turn to page 62, and search that page for information that will lead them to the home of Mikhail Bulgakov. Missed it by that much. The best part of this sequence is the picture of his novel, Master and Margarita, which features a cat smoking a cigar and playing poker. How are the LOL Cats people not all over this?

A strange moment in editing shows mother Toni telling her son Dallas, "So you take this pack and you take the money and your passport." We only mention this because it's such an innocuous moment that it's an odd choice for inclusion in the episode unless it plants seeds for later events. We suddenly have a *very* bad feeling about Toni & Dallas. The good news for them is that no matter what misfortune may befall them, they still only need to beat Andrew & Dan to avoid a last place finish this leg. Dandrew has never finished ahead of any of the remaining teams in an elimination leg, in fact.

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