The Amazing Race 13, Episode 10

You're Gonna Get Me Killed

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2008

They're still stuck in Russia.

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For "Lines", the assignment plays out a lot like The Matrix Reloaded. Teams must ride a bus to find a keymaker who will give them a key to a locker. The locker contains a postcard that leads them to the same stadium location for the next clue. Whoa.

Back at the book store and the numbers guessing game, Dallas confers with Tina before his next attempt. He tries to talk her out of her correct evaluation before eventually trying it her way. Sort of. He guesses 63, which is incorrect. Twenty-two seconds later, Tina goes in and says 62, earning her a reunion with her partner. As she leaves, she tells Dallas the correct answer and informs him that he owes her, which is the God's honest truth. He could have been there until midnight otherwise. For all of our criticism of Tina, she's shown exemplary sportsmanship during the game. It's possible it could come back to bite her and Ken later, but she's been very generous in helping others when it has been needed.

Back in the statue area, Team Dandrew is undone by their taxi driver, who generously offers to assist with the Stalin/Lenin counts. They're off by one Lenin, meaning their first guess is going to be 61.

Soon afterward, the editing shows Dallas going in and correctly guessing 62. He then somewhat pathetically asks for a conciliatory hug with the book store owner. We still have no idea how far behind Dan & Andrew are from the rest of their group - and they haven't even done their extra task for losing the last leg. They have picked up a half hour on Toni & Dallas, but they'll lose at least a third of that with an incorrect guess of 61.


Hold on a moment. When Tina arrives at the writer's residence, Ken is shown celebrating. To his right is Dan, meaning that they're not terribly far behind at this point. This is a relief, since The Amazing Race can be...shaky with the facts at times.

Disaster strikes a couple of teams in the next moments. First, Andrew is informed that 61 is not in fact the correct number. His cab driver's reaction is priceless. He had clearly envisioned himself the hero in this little play. But it could be worse. As Dallas gets out of his cab, a quick edit shows a backpack being left behind on the floor. People with DVRs should notice something amusing about this. He gets out of a black car, while the one shown with its door closing is in fact a white car. The camera crew re-shot this as a production staff recreation of the event. That can't possibly be good. We strongly suspect the mother/son team is about to be eliminated.

Dallas quickly realizes that his pack with his passport and all of his money is in the taxi. He runs after the taxi fruitlessly. After Dallas informs his mother of this tragic turn of events, the camera cuts over to Dan, who is unsuccessfully trying to seem sympathetic to their cause. In reality, he's jubilant because he realizes that his sucky team has a solid chance at making the final three, an abomination if it occurs.

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