The Amazing Race 13, Episode 10

You're Gonna Get Me Killed

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2008

They're still stuck in Russia.

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As if anticipating we were going to say that, the editing shows that Andrew & Dan have just spent 40 minutes driving to the wrong park. We feel we have as good a chance - if not a better one - of winning the Amazing Race this season as these doofuses.

Nick, arguably the best overall competitor this season, is the first to leave the park to head to the bookstore. He has correctly deduced the number of Lenins and Stalins, and barring something unforeseen, the brother/sister tandem should have a significant lead. Meanwhile, Dallas is wandering around aimlessly, expressing frustration that he is doing this task instead of his mother. Moments later, we are amused to see Nick brag about stealing the newly arriving Ken & Tina's taxi.

While their cab is being stolen, Ken & Tina get into a spat about the fact that her jacket doesn't have a hood. She sees this as a big deal that prevents her from being comfortable as she makes her way to the author's home. Ken is foolishly under the impression that they're involved in some sort of race, and that time - rather than hair - is of the essence. A subplot of this discussion is that Tina mentions that she has her money and her passport. This is twice that this has come up, and it's now starting to look like something catastrophic is actually going to happen either to Nick or to Dan & Andrew.

At the book store, Nick has gotten the correct answer and has read the clue in the book to send him on his way to Bulgakov's house. Meanwhile, Dallas is less successful, as he has incorrectly deduced that the number is 36 instead of 62. With the incorrect answer, he'll have to sit in time out for ten minutes before he can guess again. Nick makes his way to the author's residence, and he and Starr are informed that they must travel to Sokol'Niky Park, where they need to find - and we quote - a woman with a shetland pony. We're not doing a joke along the lines of "hey, have you heard the one about the lady and the shetland pony," either.


Andrew & Dan finally arrive at the Road Block, and Andrew elects to do the Road Block. Dan is all too willing to let him, and hands his teammate all his money. The show is building quite the mystery with all the financial transactions.

Tina arrives during Dallas's second time out and guesses 52, which of course is incorrect. This means that Dallas will get to guess before she does, but if they work together they could both be out of there pretty quickly. Tina was actually debating the correct number, while Dallas just appears to be guessing random numbers between one and 100.

Cut to the Good Team (they get capitalized now), who finds the shetland pony (after Nick explains to Starr what that is) and get ready for the Detour. They must either "Ride the Rails" or "Ride the Line". In "Rails", they ride a train to the 1905 station and get a pastry at a snack shop. The wrapper to this pastry sends them to another train, which leads them to yet another statue and a woman who will exchange a postcard for a pastry. The postcard reveals the stadium location and their next clue.

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