Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Apple in the Garden of Eden

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2008

Idol? I don't need no stinkin' idol!

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Posted without comment: "There is a one in a billion chance that Sugar is like a rocket scientist and she's hiding the idol." --Randy. Okay, one comment. We place the odds slightly higher than that.

Probst alert! Finally, at the 33 minute mark, our good friend Jeff Probst makes an appearance. We think this late arrival might be a record. He should give back half his paycheck this week. Today's challenge is for immunity. Each person will hold two poles in their arms, and balanced on top of those poles is a plank of wood. Each team member must balance the poles and their plank without dropping it. The last person standing will win immunity for their entire tribe.

We don't think they'd let her lie on television, but we are starting to question the validity of Crystal having an Olympic Gold Medal. For the second time in a row, she is instantly eliminated from the challenge. Seriously, she is about as useless as can be except in challenges that require brute strength.

Sugar doesn't last much longer than Crystal, and Susie falls next. Honestly, this challenge is probably not fairly set up for the women, whose hands are likely to be to small to comfortably balance their poles. Randy and Corinne go out at exactly the same time, and Ken follows soon after. Marcus's hands are shaking terribly, and he is disappointed as he drops out. Next, Charlie drops his poles, which leaves it to a fight between Matty for Fang and Bob for Kota.

Our favorite moment of the challenge is when Jeff Probst says to the final two, "Don't listen to anyone, including me." We like the advice so much we have this to say: "Do not read this."


Matty's poles are right on the edge, but Bob is shaking severely. Matty remains loose and confident, and Bob loses his pole as his concentration lapses just a bit. Matty wins immunity for Fang, and Kota is headed to Tribal Council. Susie comments that she wants to send Kenny or Crystal home, but isn't sure she can trust Marcus. Let's find out what she decides.

It's time to play It's Anyone But...Fang, we guess. We're really not sure what's going to happen tonight. Susie is truly the deciding factor here, as she could make a power play and eliminate the biggest threat in Marcus or stick with her group and vote out one of Crystal or Ken. Marcus approaches Crystal to see if he can draw her into an alliance, thereby making Ken the vote. She seems to agree, but has already told us that she's willing to lie to Marcus to get further in the game. He follows up by discussing the vote with Susie, guaranteeing her a spot in the top three.

More scheming takes place as Crystal informs Ken - the only player we're certain she'll be honest with - that he has a target on his back for this Tribal Council. Kenny clearly realizes that Susie is the key to his survival. Therefore, Crystal has a discussion with Susie about voting out Marcus. Even by Survivor standards, this is a remarkable amount of gameplay negotiations being shown. Apparently, the producers don't have any better feel for what's going to happen than we do.

There's not much discussion at Tribal Council. Kenny vents a bit about how much it sucks to be outnumbered by a larger tribe, and Marcus essentially says, "Maybe you shouldn't have lost so much, loser." Marcus has not won Miss Congeniality today. And even worse, he's not going win Survivor, either. Despite the fact that Marcus seemed ultra-confident and Kenny believed he was the one going home, Marcus receives three votes to Kenny's two. Susie is such a wild card that no one sitting there had any idea what she was going to do. If Kenny goes on to win Survivor, she's earned half the check with this one vote. Marcus is the first member of the jury. The Ken/Crystal alliance has proven to be quite formidable over the last two weeks. They've been outnumbered over the last two weeks and managed to find the perfect person to vote and swing the game their way.

The moral of the story? Never throw an immunity idol into the ocean.

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