Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Apple in the Garden of Eden

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2008

Idol? I don't need no stinkin' idol!

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The pleasant but fake conversation is derailed when Ken notices a partially hidden clue sitting under a bowl of food. He tries to play it coy, angling a glance at it and notifying his teammate, Matty. Charlie, sitting directly to Ken's right, notices his casual but longing gaze and brings it to everyone's attention. The clue is for a hidden immunity idol that is somewhere on the island where they are currently dining. While most of the people attempt to act cool, Marcus goes a different direction, daring all of the remaining participants to jointly hunt for the idol and discard it. The tribe with larger numbers deduces that its presence could derail their plans. Randy goes so far as to guarantee he can find the idol in under a minute. He proves himself prescient by finding the idol almost instantly. As he later points out, he had noticed an oddly shaped tree pointing down into the sand upon arriving at the meeting. He didn't even need a clue to know where a hidden idol would be. Whichever person "hid" that idol is having an awkward conversation with their boss right now.

Randy takes this moment to have a glass of wine and declare himself King of Gabon. We can't help but note that he comes across as a James Bond villain at this moment.

The idol gets placed on the table, and Randy says that he doesn't want it, but he does offer it to anyone who is interested. Obviously, this is a trap, and no one is stupid enough to take the bait. King Randy hurls it into the ocean while offering testimony to his own greatness. Marcus joins him in the ceremony. This act of extreme arrogance guarantees that one of these two is going to be headed home much sooner than they expect.


Remember earlier when we said that there is no merger until Probst says it's true? You'll notice that we haven't mentioned his name once since the group all came together, and now they're finding out why. They are instructed to draw stones from a bag, and the type of stone in their hand will determine which new Tribe they are on. Odd numbers are the new Fang, while evens are the new Kota. In a situation like this, where you've recently merged with people with whom you might not have an alliance, it's best to have a security blanket, like, say, I don't Immunity Idol! Poetic justice dictates that Randy or Marcus will be eliminated tonight. Our money says Randy, since we have seen arrogance to this degree since Ami Cusack on Survivor: Vanuatu.

But wait. Marcus decides that he'll make a move to the forefront in the "about to be screwed" department. He says, "I don't need an immunity idol. I have great relationships in this game. And that's honestly what I'm banking on. Because I know that at the end of the day, that no immunity idol gets me to the final." Do you know who is usually shown on camera making comments like this? People who are about to be voted off.

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