Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Apple in the Garden of Eden

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2008

Idol? I don't need no stinkin' idol!

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What really has Corinne irked is the fact that Susie stated at Tribal Council that while she wasn't going to vote against Corinne, she was a much stronger competitor than the younger player. Susie feels her upper body strength gives her an advantage, while Corinne feels that it's impossible that a 40-something year old woman would beat her in anything. We heartily encourage Corinne to challenge Dara Torres to a 50 meter freestyle swim and see what happens.

After the commercial break, the show reveals what happened to the Fang Tribe after Tribal Council. We don't want to say that Ace's dismissal the previous week surprised Matty, but he was so confused by Sugar's treachery that he appeared to briefly wonder if he had written down the wrong name when he voted. You could see the wheels turning in his head. "Ace didn't vote for Ace, and I didn't vote for Ace, and Sugar didn't vote for Ace, so how did he get three votes? I know Crystal voted for him, and Ken voted for him, but who was the third person? Did I accidentally vote for him? Oh, crap! It was Sugar! That means there's three people in an alliance out of the remaining four - and I'm that fourth guy!" What Matty does eventually suss out is that the only thing that can save him now is a merge. While this is technically true, there are six people (or five people plus Susie) in the other side's alliance, meaning they're probably not going to help him either.

Matty is immediately given new hope, though, when Ken reveals that their plan for being outnumbered at the merge is to utilize Sugar's hidden immunity idol during the first vote. The idea is that the vote will be 6-4 against one of the Fang tribe, who will then present the idol and stave off elimination. This would lead one of the Kota members to be executed with four votes. While this strategy is sound in theory, they're still outnumbered 5-4 next week, so they haven't gained anything beyond the next week. Also, unless Kota thinks Sugar is a complete and utter idiot (you know, the type who thinks Africa is a country instead of a continent), they're probably going to suss out that during one of her 73 trips to Exile Island, she eventually solved the clues and found the idol.


Tree mail brings news that seem to indicate a merge is in fact in the offing. Of course, since this is Survivor, nothing is certain until Probst confirms it.

And with that, we cut to both tribes arriving at a bountiful feast. The ten relative strangers take the time out to introduce themselves, hug, exchange pleasantries, and go on about how they're friends and not out to get each other. One of these people will be the next champion of Survivor, and there is a 90% chance we will not be pleased with the result. But hey, 10% odds of Sugar winning is still better than the Tampa Bay Rays making the World Series.

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