Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Apple in the Garden of Eden

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2008

Idol? I don't need no stinkin' idol!

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The new tribes are Fang: Charlie, Corinne, Sugar, Matty and Randy and Kota: Marcus, Bob, Susie, Ken and Crystal. This means that three from the old Kota are on each team, so theoretically, they still have a numbers advantage on each side.

Back from the break, what we believe to be a Survivor first occurs, at least on camera. New tribemates Crystal and Marcus discover that Crystal's cousin is Marcus's best friend. To his credit, this personalizes the game for Marcus, where suddenly Crystal is not just a competitor on a game show. She's a relative of someone he cares about. He's now torn about any having any form of treachery toward her. This is actually unique in that if Marcus does screw Crystal over in the game, he has the potential to alienate or lose a friend. He's a completely different guy than the one we just saw.

At this point, Crystal proudly reveals that she'll lie to a person's face to win the game. Her cousin must be so proud.

Over at Kota, Corinne and Charlie are reminded that Matty and Randy had been friends when they were still members of Fang together. They wonder if he might flip on them even as Matty is commenting that Randy is an awesome guy who he doesn't trust a bit. Corinne sees Matty as the natural choice to vote out as he is a threat in challenges. She reserves the right to change her opinion if someone has the audacity to vote for her.


Next, we see Matty dropping a bombshell on Sugar. He reveals that the cute boy she was cuddling with every night (ie Ace) was not in fact using her, and had instead been a loyal friend, at much personal risk. Matty is pissed, though he does admit that Ace's elimination wasn't so bad, especially since he didn't have to break his word to his friend and saw a strong threat voted out. Meanwhile, Sugar feels lousy. She had no idea that Ken had lied to her about Ace's intentions. The one thing Sugar and Matty can agree on is that they have each other's back.

Marcus and Bob discuss the fact that they believe they have the numbers on their tribe, but they also realize that Susie isn't to be trusted. They're apparently drinking the Corinne water, but it's probably true that Susie is a bit of a renegade as far as the alliance of six is concerned. This is especially proven to be true when she notes that she is in a position of power on the new Kota tribe, as she can choose to stick with her current alliance of Marcus or Bob or flip to the other side and vote with Ken and Crystal. Let's be honest, Susie has about as much loyalty to the people writing this column as she does to anyone on the island.

Over at Fang, Randy, Corinne and Charlie discuss throwing the immunity challenge so that they can vote off Matty and ensure that Marcus is safe over on the other side.

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