Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

She Obviously is Post-Op

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 5, 2008

She's too cute to be voted off this soon!

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to BOP's Survivor Gabon recap. Last week 18 Americans set out to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, two of them didn't make it out of premiere night. The tribes were determined by the pick 'em format and one tribe picked well. The other? Not so much. The Fang tribe lost the first three challenges in a row and were forced to jettison the athletic and feisty Michelle and the annoying and weak Gillian. On the flipside, the Kota tribe is all harmony and yoga. But behind the scenes, a potentially lethal alliance is growing. Charlie, Marcus, Jacque and Corinne have formed a foursome that seems to be quite strong. They have a plan to bring in the physics teacher, Bob, as their fifth member. If they stay true, they could be THE force to be reckoned with. Without further ado, let's check it out and see how they do this week.

The show begins after Tribal as the Fang tribe returns to camp. They all seem to be happy to still be in the game. Crystal tells us they got rid of a major weak link and then discussions turn to winning the challenges. Randy tells us that his entire tribe is comprised of "complete idiots" and he doesn't see how they can possibly win. And on that high note, cue the opening theme...


We come back from break to the next day at Fang camp. Randy tells us that on Day 7, they're now halfway done with their rice. He says they've been having three meals a day and that has to stop. He then tells the tribe that they need to cut back on their meals. GC isn't too thrilled with this idea, which causes Randy to call him a cancer on his tribe. We then cut to GC asking Randy if he's the leader of the tribe. What follows is as dumb an argument as I've seen on the show. Dan tells us that their biggest problem is that they're fighting amongst each other and are not unified.

Over at Kota, the boys are fishing again and Charlie is telling us about his alliance and how Sugar is now attached to Ace. He feels that the rest of his tribe is kinda all over the place, so his alliance of four should be good. We then join Paloma talking to Kelly about how annoying Ace is. As they're talking about Ace, Ace and Sugar are talking about them. Sugar then tells us that she and Ace have a bond and that he'll take care of her. As we think about Right Said Fred hooking up with the pinup model, Tree Mail arrives. It suggests some kind of comfort will be won in the next challenge. Ace points out that while he wants to win every challenge, reward is not near as important as immunity and he suggests sitting out the stronger people in this challenge, so they'll be available in the immunity challenge. While he's right about immunity being the most important thing, the one thing he forgot about is momentum. Right now, his tribe has it. If they go on and win this next challenge and deny any kind of comfort item to could be the straw that breaks that tribe. If you even give them a glimmer of hope or momentum by losing this challenge, they're right back in it. But if you kick their ass again, the doubts REALLY start to set in.

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