Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

She Obviously is Post-Op

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 5, 2008

She's too cute to be voted off this soon!

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So we get to Tribal and we do the torch lighting. Fire represents life and stuff. Jeff starts off with Corinne and asks her what she bases her vote on. She says it's important for the tribe to agree and vote together. He asks Ace if that isn't wishful thinking. Ace says that what's most important is to have the stronger tribe. Next up is Sugar and Exile. And the tears start flowing...again. She tells about her dad and how thinking about him got her through it. Marcus is up next with a question about the idol. He says that if Sugar found the idol, her outside is definitely showing something different than her inside. He says that's how he would play it too.

Jeff then asks Marcus if anyone jumped out as interesting. He mentions Ace and that they get along quite well. He then asks Paloma what she thinks of Ace and she calls him out as the leader of the tribe. Jeff asks her how she feels about that and she replies that she isn't gonna go there with the whole "Ace is my hero-type thing." Jeff asks Ace if he's surprised by that answer and he admits that they just don't really get along. He then asks Kelly if Ace is an asset to the tribe. Because her answer is so ridiculous, I'm just going to type it up right here. "Um, in some cases. Because he's almost condescending in a way." Maybe Jeff should have chosen a word other than "asset" in his question. He asks her how being condescending is a good thing and she says that it's not and then she goes into a diatribe about rice and water and Ace and I honestly have no idea what the hell she said. Obviously, Jeff doesn't either as he just moves on. Jeff asks Ace if hearing two people speak against him worries him and he says that it does. But before he can finish, Paloma points out that for someone so worried, he didn't even bring his bag with him. Final question is whether Marcus wants to give up his idol. Not a chance. And it's time to vote. The first vote we see is Paloma's vote for Ace saying that it's self-explanatory. The only other vote we see is Ace's vote for Paloma saying it's for the strength of the tribe. Jeff'll go tally the votes.

The first vote is Ace's vote for Paloma. Next up is Paloma's vote for Ace. Then we get another Paloma and another Ace. But that's all the help Paloma would get as she becomes the third person voted off of Survivor: Gabon. And with that, three people have been voted out and I can't say that I'm going to miss any of them. So far, so good, eh?


And now, it's that time again. The time of the column where I shamelessly try to get you, the readers, to help me, the idiot writer, try to force his way onto our favorite show. All of last season and for the first episode of this season, I've been giving you the CBS Feedback Forum link to tell the Producers that they need to get a "real" fan of the show on. And what did I stumble on today? Why, it's Jeff Probst's Survivor: Gabon blog at And what's at the bottom of Episode 3's blog? IS that a Comment Section? Well, in that case, forget the CBS Forum for a minute...let's fill up the Blog Comments. Come on, it'll be great. Just go Right Here and link this column and tell my soon-to-be best buddy Jeff Probst that you wanna see the fat guy from Box Office Prophets on his show. Thanks a ton, you guys rock!

Anyway, next time on Survivor: Crystal, Ken and GC seem to have separated themselves from the rest of the Fang tribe. And a twist has the tribes ranking themselves from 1 to 7 or 8. And it's suggested that the tribes may be switching. While we have come to expect a switch around this time, I'm real curious to see exactly how they're going to do it this time around. So, please won't you come back next week and see how this goes down? You will? Awesome. 'Til then, take care!

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