Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

She Obviously is Post-Op

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 5, 2008

She's too cute to be voted off this soon!

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Next up is another trip to Exile Island with Sugar. With no hesitation, Sugar takes the clue over the comfort. And with her map in hand, she takes off in search of what Dan couldn't find after hours and hours of digging. As she makes her way through the jungle, she gets a couple ants on her and completely freaks out. She makes it through that though and continues on. As she does, she tells us how she went on Survivor to help her get over her father's death. He died seven months ago and she's having trouble with that. As she comes out of the jungle, she finds the huge crater referenced in the first clue. I'll note here that Dan wasn't anywhere near this place when he was searching. After looking around for a bit, Sugar finds the second clue. And then what do you know? She finds the third clue. And the fourth clue. The fourth clue takes her into a creek (complete with alligators). As she crosses the creek to a tree she thinks may have the next clue, she once again freaks out over nothing. But when all is said and done, her tree does, in fact, hold the immunity idol. So I guess all her freaking out and crying has paid off as she has the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free Card.

We come back from the break to Kota for some pre-challenge strategizing. Bob and Ace are discussing the lower folks on the totem pole. And they are Paloma and Sugar. Bob tells us how much Ace is putting his faith in Sugar and how he will take her to the end. We then join Bob talking to Corinne and she point blank tells him that she has four and if he joins them, they will have a strong five and they could run this game. While Bob seems to be down with this plan, Corinne tells us that none of the four of them plans on keeping Bob, they just need his vote. While this is cold and calculating, I have to say it shows me, once again, that this foursome has it going on and could easily run the table on this game. Tree Mail arrives and with it, bikinis. WOO HOO! Marcus tells us that this is the most crucial challenge yet. Fang tasted victory and if Kota can crush them again here, this could really take the wind out of their sails.


Probst sighting!!! Sugar is brought back from Exile Island and as someone mentions that she was gone so long, she says, "I know" and then shoots a dirty look at Probst. He quickly points out that he didn't send her. None of this is important really; I just wanted to mention how adorable she can be when she wants to. Forget the idol, for a second...this girl could go far in this game on personality alone. Back to the's challenge is a slip-n-slide challenge. The players will slide down a wet slide into the water. They will then get a number tile. Once all six tiles are brought back, one person will work a math problem. Once they have the answer, that number will be the combination to a trunk. First tribe to open the trunk and raise the tribe flag wins immunity. Paloma and Sugar will sit this one out. And Bob and Ken will be the math problem solvers. Survivors ready?

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