Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

She Obviously is Post-Op

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 5, 2008

She's too cute to be voted off this soon!

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Probst sighting!! Today's challenge will be all physical. One member of each tribe will sit on the ground and wrap their arms and legs around a wooden pole. Two members of the other tribe will then run out to pull that person off the pole and drag them down the course and across a line. First tribe to do that gets a point. First tribe to get two points wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? Well, it is definitely comfort items. Bedding, blankets, mats, hammock and pillows. Also, they'll get to send someone to Exile Island. Due to the setup of this challenge, each tribe will have to sit some folks out. Fang sits out Kenny. Kota sits out Corinne, Jacque and Kelly. Let's get to it.

Dan and Ace start off on the posts. Charlie and Marcus will go after Dan, while GC and Matty go after Ace. Marcus and Charlie are quick to get Dan off the post, while Ace isn't even close to getting pulled off the post. As Dan gets close to the end, GC has simply given up and Ace never leaves the post. Kota leads 1-0. As we ready for the next round, Ace tells Paloma that she should go to the post next. Hmmm...sounds like he's protecting his little girlfriend. Anyway, Paloma and Susie are next up on the posts. Bob and Sugar will attack while Randy and Crystal will take on Paloma in the mismatch of the century. It takes them very little time to drag Paloma across the line and the score is tied. Last round, Ace and Dan are back on the posts. This time Marcus and Bob will attack Dan while Matty and Crystal will go after Ace. As we saw last time, Dan gets taken off the post while Ace hangs tough. As Bob and Marcus are dragging Dan back to the line, Ace finally gets pulled off the post. After a few minutes, you hear Dan yell at Crystal to hurry up, as he can't hold on much longer. That must have been enough, because she and Matty finally drag Ace across the line and Fang finally wins a challenge. Along with the win, they decide to send Sugar to Exile. She says that she knew they'd pick her because they think she's dumb. And with that, she's on her way to Exile while Fang gathers their winnings and heads back to camp.


We come back from break to a very excited Fang tribe. They are just thrilled to win a challenge and to see Kota forced to leave a challenge with THEIR heads down. Dan says that for the first time, they feel like a team and maybe this can be the start of a little roll for them.

Over at Kota, they're telling themselves that they can't feel bad, they competed really well. Ace lets them all know that it's not that big of a deal and they're all set for the immunity challenge. Paloma then tells us that she didn't have a chance against Crystal. She also mentions that it was interesting the way Ace protected Sugar by not putting her on the pole. We join a larger discussion about how Paloma should be the first one to go as she's the weak link. Ace tells us that he doesn't think she's motivated and that was enough to put her atop the list of people to be voted out.

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