Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

Stir the Pot!, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

The winner realizes she has no one left to flirt with. There goes her self-est

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Part Two of Survivor: Micronesia. After several weeks, several challenges, several votes, several blindsides, several tears and several injuries...Fans Vs Favorites is less than an hour away from crowning a champion. When we checked out of the finale, the girls were blindsided by Jeff when they learned they'll have a final two instead of a final three. In the last immunity challenge, Amanda stood tall and held on for the victory. So, we know Amanda will be in the Finals. What we don't know is who she'll be up against. What else we don't know is whether or not she'll be able to convince THIS jury that she deserves the million dollars. We certainly know that she failed horribly at the same task in China. So, let's get right to it.

We join the action as Cirie, Parvati and Amanda come back to camp after the final immunity challenge. The first thing they notice is that Gloria the chicken has still not left camp. Amanda tells us that deciding who to take with her is the hardest decision she'll have to make. Cirie tells us that she thought she'd win this one for sure. But, she didn't. And since Amanda and Parvati are such good friends, she fully expects to go home tonight. Parvati and Amanda are talking about the vote and Amanda is very bummed about the whole thing. I mean, I can certainly understand. Who would want to have a second shot at a million dollars? As they continue to talk, Parvati is talking as though the decision has been made. Amanda is trying to justify voting out Cirie by saying that Cirie would have taken Parvati had she won.


Next up is Amanda talking to Cirie. Cirie's not feeling too sorry for her plight. She tells us that she feels more loyal to Parvati. Cirie tells her that she thinks Amanda will have a better chance of beating her in the final. Amanda is worried that Cirie can and will talk her way into the million. She's very nervous about giving Cirie the opportunity to talk to the jury. She tells us that the wrong decision here could cost her the million dollars.

As we begin Tribal Council, Jeff starts with Amanda. He mentions how tough the decision is. She says that it's a blessing and a curse. She's thrilled to be playing for the million, but as she fights back tears, she will have a hard time picking one person over the other. Cirie believes Amanda's grief is legit. Parvati as well. Parvati tells Jeff that she wouldn't want to be making the decision. He asks Amanda what cons there are to taking the other two. She says that Cirie is a good talker and that could be dangerous. And Parvati has played a very social game and has a lot of friends on the jury. As he breaks it down to the whole million dollar thing versus voting out someone she cares about. She breaks down into tears again. And as she sobs, you can actually feel the jury pulling away from her. No one over there feels bad for her. Any one of them would gladly switch places with her. This is the kind of stuff that she really needed to try to avoid. We all understand that it's a tough choice and you hate making it, but suck it up, Buttercup...that's what you signed up for.

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