Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

Stir the Pot!, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

The winner realizes she has no one left to flirt with. There goes her self-est

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And with that, Cirie takes the stage. She congratulates both of them and she asks Amanda why Parvati deserves the million more than her. And Amanda launches into an infomercial about how great Parvati played the game and how she was the powerhouse who made those decisions happen. She then asks Parvati why she should be sitting in her seat and Parv should be on the jury. She says Cirie played a brilliant game, but it was under the radar. She also says she couldn't compete with a mother of three.

And our final jury member is Ozzy. He starts with Parvati. He says that he is truly hurt by what Parvati did to him. He acknowledges it was a great move, but he never in a million years thought she could do that to him. That she would just throw away his friendship over money makes him sick. And how can she dare to call herself a role model when she's willing to treat a friend like that. He then says the worst part was that she took away 14 days that he could have spent with Amanda. As the background music changes, he tells Amanda that he was not playing her and was not faking his feelings for her. He says he's having feelings that he's never felt before and he has started to fall in love with her. He finishes by saying that she's amazing and he wants everyone to know what and that he's glad that he didn't win Cook Islands, so that he could be here and meet her.

And with that, it's time to vote. Jeff explains that they are voting FOR someone. Get that, Jason? You're voting for who you WANT to win. As they vote, we see Erik's surprise vote for Amanda saying that he's willing to forgive and forget if she is. Next up is Alexis voting for Parvati saying that she deserves it and will do amazing things with it. We then see Natalie's vote for Parvati with no comment and Ozzy's vote for Amanda saying she deserves it a million times more than Parvati. The most obnoxious vote of the night goes to Eliza who decided to milk her fleeting seconds of screen time by agonizing over her vote for God only knows how long. She finally casts her vote and Jeff takes the bucket and heads on out.


As the lights come up on the live vote reading, Jeff makes his way into the auditorium and up on stage. He goes through all the usual explanations and then gets to reading the votes. The first vote is Alexis' vote for Parvati. Next up is Erik's Amanda vote. Then we see Natalie's vote for Parvati and Ozzy's vote for Amanda. Fifth vote goes to Parvati and the sixth vote for Amanda. At this point, I'm wondering what they do if there's a tie. The seventh vote is for Parvati. So one more vote for Amanda and we have a tie. As it turns out, the winner of Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites is Parvati Shallow. So once again, Amanda takes a very winnable game into the final tribal council and blows it. And she blew it on Cirie's question. She basically gave the jury everything they needed to know to cast their votes for Parvati. Good lord, the girl learned nothing from China. And there you have it folks, another Survivor is in the books and another Survivor ends with someone I didn't want to win winning it all. But I have to be honest; after all the stupidity on this season, I have a hard time getting too angry with the result. Overall, this is still one of the top three seasons of the show just ended with less than favorable results.

Before I head out, I want to make one final plea to everyone to load up that CBS Feedback Forum inbox with links to these columns asking, nay demanding that they put a REAL fan who really knows how to play the game on the show. They haven't finished casting Season 17 yet, and they definitely have a season 18 coming next year. So there's no excuse not to put me on. So how 'bout it, CBS? Mark Burnett? Jeff Probst? What could it possibly hurt to give this small time columnist a shot at the greatest game out there? For those who've forgotten, the link to CBS is right here: Feedback. So send it and send it often! Thanks to all of you for your support through this entire campaign of mine. I know it won't work, but it sure has been fun trying.

And finally, we did get a preview of Season 17 of Survivor. Looks like they're headed back to Africa. But they seem to be heading more to the coast this time around as it appears to be a much lusher locale than the previous foray into the Dark Continent. So, if everything stays the same, I'll see you guys right back here in the fall for Survivor: Gabon. Until then, take care!

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