Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

Stir the Pot!, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

The winner realizes she has no one left to flirt with. There goes her self-est

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Jason's up next. He starts with Amanda and asks her that if she had been let in on the plan to vote out Ozzy...would she have told him? She gives a definitive yes. He then asks Parvati what kind of her redeeming qualities in the game gave been. She says she was protective of her alliance and was loyal to them all the way to the end. She also brings up the whole not killing the chicken thing. Um...okay.

Alexis comes in next. She starts with Parvati. She works with young girls and wants to know what makes Parvati a better role model for young girls. Parvati says she is much more outspoken and outgoing than Amanda and that she puts herself out there a lot more while Amanda is much more likely to go with the flow. Alexis then tells Amanda that they were laughing at her for all the tears shed for voting out Cirie. She wants to know what part of Amanda was genuine. She says it was all genuine and that she only cried the one time when voting out Cirie and that was absolutely legit.

Natalie steps up to the plate next. She tells them both that they have her respect and she asks Parvati about playing the flirt card. She then asks her how that resonates into her bedroom. Jeff interrupts to ask Parvati if she even understands the question. It would seem that she doesn't. So Natalie tries to explain it better and makes it clear as mud. I'll just give you what I got out of it. Natalie seems to be asking if Parvati might just swing both ways and if she would want to go on a date sometime. To her credit, Parvati tries to answer the question and just says that on the show and at home flirting helps her get what she wants. Natalie moves onto Amanda and tells her that she always seems to have a glazed over look on her face. She asks her if that was her strategy for the game or her personality. She tells her that it's neither one, and that she played a good strategic and physical game.


Erik comes up next and says that five or six days ago, he was 100% voting for Amanda. He says that lately he has a lot of questions. He tells her that she pretty much ripped him apart and why did she think she could do that? She says that he was not loyal to her and that there was no reason why she shouldn't do the same to him. He slams her a little bit more and then goes to sit down.

James comes up next. He doesn't even address Amanda. He asks Parvati about the move with Ozzy and how she came up next to him the next day with a bunch of "fluff". He wants to give her the opportunity to try that over again and address him in a better manner. After some back and forth, she finally says that he had to go because there was no chance to beat him and Ozzy.

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