Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

Stir the Pot!, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

The winner realizes she has no one left to flirt with. There goes her self-est

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And as Jeff tallies the vote, I find myself seeing absolutely no way that she votes for Parvati. And the eighth member of the jury is...Cirie. As Amanda continues to blubber, Parvati exchanges a knowing smile with Natalie. Well, that's one for Parvati already. Of course, Amanda has Ozzy, so it's very much 1-1 right now. As Jeff explains the whole "power shifts to the jury" thing, you can actually see the weight being lifted from Amanda's shoulders. They head back to camp to enjoy their final day on the island and to prepare for the final Tribal Council.

We come back from break as the girls wake up on Day 39. Both are in good spirits and Amanda looks about ten years younger without the weight of the world on her shoulders. They head out to Tree Mail, once again, with the hopes of finding a feast and that's exactly what they find. Finally, they can celebrate their accomplishment. And oh, by the way, Amanda is now logging her 78th day on Survivor. No one has managed to spend that much time on this show before. Two final Tribals in a row. Both seasons filmed within six months of each other.

Amanda breaks down the difference between her and Parvati. She says she played the loyal game while Parvati did whatever it took to get to the end. She thinks there are people that don't like her on the jury and that might work to her advantage. Parvati tells us that her game was more cut throat and cold blooded. She plans to stand up and own that she's been a powerful player throughout this game and she should be recognized as such. And after all this time, we're finally down to the Final Tribal Council.


Jeff goes through the whole final tribal speech. He then gives them each a chance to make an opening statement. Amanda starts. She says that she came into the game wanting to play a loyal game and wanting to fight all the way to the end. She says she knows she wouldn't be sitting there if not for all of them. Parvati says she came into this game as "the flirt". She says she knew she had to switch it up this time. She wanted to play a more aggressive game and she felt like she did that as they pulled off some of the biggest surprises in the show's history. And with that, we now flip over to the jury. Who will bring the heat? Who will have the stupid question? And most importantly, who will walk away with the title of Sole Survivor?

We come back from break and Eliza is the first one up. She starts by saying that she has no idea who she's going to vote for tonight. She tells Parvati that taking out Ozzy was a great move and she respects it. She, however, doesn't respect the things she did that she didn't have to do to get to where she is - talking about Eliza behind her back and making fun of her. She says those things didn't get her to where she is and that she might just be a mean person, so she will have a hard time giving her the vote. On to Amanda, she says she played a great game, but listening to her talk made her want to kill herself sometimes. She says that Amanda was so superficial. She goes on to say that she will be listening tonight as she has not made up her mind about who to vote for.

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