Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Ruthless...

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2008

Clearly, he was livin' on a prayer.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to a much happier BOP Survivor Recap. My name is Jim and I'm feeling much better about this season, if only for an episode. After lamenting the absolutely terrible game play for most of the season, last week's episode finally gave me some of what I was hoping to see from day one. Previously on Survivor: Jason was a goner, Cirie spent two days on Exile, Parvati tried to help Jason make friends, the tribe guaranteed a non-vote, Ozzy and Co. went back on their word, but Cirie changed the game by organizing the best blindside in Survivor history, sending Ozzy and his idol packing. Glare all you want, Ozzy, but you just got "PWNED!!" After goofing on Jason's immunity blunder as Jason being "outwitted", it was hilarious to see Ozzy's take on it when HE was the one outwitted. The downside to all of this is that Jason, despite being one of the dumbest players ever, is still in the game. The previews for this week promise a rift between James and Parvati after her flip-flop at Tribal and the formation of an all-girl alliance. Let's see how that all plays out...

We begin the day after Ozzy's ouster. Erik is telling everyone that they made the right decision not sharing the blind side with him. James and Amanda are away from the group and she's quite depressed. James tells her what a good move it was. Amanda is pissed about the Parvati switch and feels betrayed, as well she should.


Sorry, folks. Jim had some satellite issues during last night's episode, which means that you're stuck with Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality, David and Kim, for the rest of this episode. We hate to disappoint you, but just as when Dan Le Batard appears on Pardon the Interruption, you'll just have to accept the horror of it all and move on.


A couple of significant James interactions take place, as he basically tells Parvati that she is a devil woman and he wants nothing more to do with her. He acknowledges that Parvati had to make a move in the game, but he is disappointed that he was enough of a sucker to trust her. He describes her as an "apple eater", equating her to Eve and the serpent, which probably exposes a little bit of James we don't want to see, but he's nothing if not straightforward in all situations.

Also of note is that James has a very icky injury, as he has a cut on his finger that is oozing and disgusting. He claims he isn't having any trouble, which is likely true, but Cirie, who is a nurse when she's not scheming against others and being afraid of leaves, notes that our man might be in a precarious health situation. If the injury is infected, he risks some serious long-term effects to his health.

Now, our beloved Mr. Jeff Probst arrives on the scene, signaling Reward Challenge time. And we're pleased to see that it's the traditional Survivor Auction, where contestants each receive a certain amount of money to spend on a variety of food items. Sometimes, the food items are a bit icky, so it can be a huge risk to throw a lot of money at something that is hidden and covered up.

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