Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Ruthless...

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2008

Clearly, he was livin' on a prayer.

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Back at camp, it's time to play It's Anyone But...hell, we don't really know. Again, we're feeling certain that Jason can't be a big enough idiot to follow in Ozzy's footsteps. Surely he recognizes that Cutthroat Bitch (you know, she's really worse than the one on House) has it in for him and all the remaining men on the tribe. James, meanwhile, is preparing for his own departure and accepting what he believes is the inevitable. There is some discussion as to whom they will vote for this evening – Jason is told to vote for James, while the black widows plot to oust Jason. When Amanda approaches James to try for some last minute strategy, he flat out tells her he's voting for apple-eater Parvati. Amanda just isn't sure if she's ready to call an end to that friendship yet.

Tribal council has the benefit of bringing on a very sour Ozzy, who glares and flips the group off. He's obviously beyond pissed at the turn of events that has led him to this place, and appears not even to be certain that he can trust Amanda or James at this point. Probst tosses out the typical questions, but the only thing we really care about is that James all but tells Ozzy that Parvati orchestrated his departure, which makes the apple-eater's head whip around in shock. We can't hear Ozzy, but we can read his lips. He says, "That bitch," and glowers at her even more than everyone else. James is really quite ingenious here. He's convinced that he is going home, and he might as well take his shots on the way out, right? But if by some miracle he stays, he has signaled to Ozzy exactly how the alliance was broken, which might have a heavy impact on future votes, particularly the final one.

Before Probst tallies the votes, he asks, as always, if anyone wishes to play the hidden immunity idol. And, as always, no one does. All of the survivors look at Jason with anticipation, but he sits tight – and James can't believe it. He has carried the stigma of being foolhardy enough to hold onto his hidden idol on the night he was getting eliminated. Now it appears that two other people may have made the same critical error in judgment. As Probst reveals the votes, we get to the point that we see there are three for Jason, three for James and one for Parvati. Final vote may decide who leaves. And tonight's bootee is...Jason. We kept trying to convince ourselves that the poor little fella was somehow smart enough to catch on to what was happening around him, but alas, he so desperately wanted to be accepted by the cool kids that he was completely snowed when they showed him a tiny touch of positive reinforcement. It happened last week with his willingness to give the immunity challenge to Parvati as he really convinced himself that he wasn't the most reviled man on the tribe.


Next week, it looks like we'll deal more with James's finger injury, and possibly someone else gets hurt as well. As Probst points out, two people in a row have been blown away by their ouster, so this is not a good time to get complacent in the game.

And now is the time on Sprockets where we tell you that if Jim was a contestant this season, we wouldn't be seeing these types of stupid moves over and over again. With that in mind, help him get on this show. His inbox at vannestjc (at) gmail (dot) com is still empty, with no word from CBS. This means we haven't filled up the Feedback Forum box enough. So, please help Jim out by copying a link to this column in the Feedback Forum telling CBS you're tired of stupid, lazy people on Survivor and you want to have a hand in choosing who wins the next season. You can send your pleas here: Feedback.

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