Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Ruthless...

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2008

Clearly, he was livin' on a prayer.

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Toward that end, Natalie arranges to meet Jason alone. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. She confirms to him that he is absolutely correct in his assumption that she sent him to Exile Island for a reason. He's her best bud and stuff and they're like totally in this together. When she smiles, you're convinced that she is preparing her soul-swallowing technique, which apparently isn't too far from the truth since she describes her alliance as the "black widows". She's actually quite chilling as she revels in her bitchery. Frankly, we're glad we haven't seen more of her this season, though we're not looking forward to future reveals from Natalie. She's legitimately one of the most horrid, dislikeable candidates the show has ever produced. It's true that other people have reveled in their evil ways in the past, from Richard Hatch to Rob Mariano to Jonny Fairplay. Somehow, though, they seemed more like cartoon characters. Natalie is legitimately iniquitous and probably steals her best friend's boyfriends on a regular basis. We suspect she's something like the pre-insomnia version of Samantha Who.

At this point, we're thinking to ourselves that Jason just can't be that stupid. Surely he will learn from Ozzy's mistakes. Survivor producers have been great with tricks of editing in the past, so it's our sincere belief that James must win this immunity challenge or he's headed home. We learn that immunity challenge/tribal council day is Erik's birthday, and that he thinks it would suck to lose on this most joyous of occasions. He figures it's down to either him or James, even though the girls are assuring him they would never do something so underhanded and dirty on his special day.


When our best buddy Probsty comes on scene to describe the immunity challenge, the survivors are ready for some sort of something they've done before, according to the tree mail they have received. And in fact, the challenge is a recap of many of the past contests. First, they must break a ceramic tile by throwing stones at it. The first four contestants to finish will move on. The three boys move to the next round with ease, and Amanda, the odd woman out in the girl's alliance, is the fourth. Next up, the survivors must dig in the sand to find a key that unlocks some puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces create a wheel that they will turn to lower some planks. First two to lower their planks move on, and those final two are James and Erik. (We wonder if this is an indication that Jason is buying into Natalie's baloney, though honestly, James dominated and Erik wasn't far behind him.)

The final is hotly contested, as it is apparent that both James and Erik fully believe they are on the chopping block. They both employ a couple of different techniques to cross the plank bridge, but James misfires and falls in the water. Erik keeps going slowly but steadily, while James is forced to race quickly to catch up. Erik is first done with his planks and about to cross a disc bridge to the finish, and James catches up as he runs across, too. Erik narrowly wins, and poor James is gloomy as all get out.

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