Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Ruthless...

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 25, 2008

Clearly, he was livin' on a prayer.

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The auction begins and the first winner is Cirie, who finds her covered dish reveals a big, delicious hot dog dinner. It even looked good to us. We also see Erik win some nachos, while Natalie gets some powerfully disgusting looking fried bat. She turns her nose up at it, but James says he'll eat it – which is sooooooooooo heebie-jeebie inducing. Ugh.

Now that we're past the truly gross part of the competition, Amanda totally overspends for a simple peanut butter sandwich and Natalie is awarded with a note that she must read aloud. She must choose one of the other contestants to send to Exile Island, after which she will be rewarded with that person's remaining money. Before making her decision, she cannily asks Jeff if Ozzy's secret immunity idol has been hidden again. When Jeff replies that it has, she chooses Jason, which is a bit of a conundrum since we know that everyone on the team hates him and seems determined to get him off the island as soon as possible. Natalie also gets a big, big prize of a sheet of chocolate cake, and is told she can choose a few people to share with for 60 seconds. We can clearly see lines of alliance demarcation here, as she selects Parvati, Cirie and Alexis to join the feast. Erik offers them all $40 to let him lick their fingers, and Cirie takes him up on it. Frankly, that might be grosser than James eating the bats.

Back at camp, we start to get to know Natalie, one of the fans whom we've seen very little of in the many, many weeks this season has been on the air. But now, we're down to fewer folks, which means that it is her time to shine! Or, in the alternative, to reveal that she's a cutthroat bitch, happy to be that way, and that she's finally able to let her "real" personality show.


But let's back up a bit, because there is surely some background needed here. It all hinges on this question: WHY did Natalie send the universally reviled Jason to Exile Island, enabling him to find the hidden Immunity Idol? Jason, as he searches for the idol, happily speculates that Natalie must have a reason for this decision. She kept her word at Tribal Council, writing down Ozzy's name instead of Jason's and allowing Jason to survive for another day. She must want him to have the idol and to share knowledge with him and ally with him! Also, she's pretty! So naturally, when he discovers the idol, Jason is giddy with glee and looking forward to sharing the news with his new best friend.

At this point, Natalie's big plan is revealed. Her goal is that she will have Jason so starry-eyed and pleased to be part of an alliance, he'll be easy to blind side even if he does have the hidden immunity idol. Natalie hopes to convince him that he should let anyone else win the Immunity Challenge, because his situation is totally safe as far as she's concerned. Of course, her intent and hope is to keep him from playing his hidden immunity idol and boot him off just like they did with Ozzy last week. Natalie's alliance has a back-up plan that will send James home if Jason somehow manages to prevail, either by winning the regular immunity idol or by playing the secret one.

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