Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I Promise

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 18, 2008

Uh,......what just happened?

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Hello good people and welcome back to Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites. After a week to think about it, I've decided that I don't completely hate this season. While I'm thoroughly disappointed in the way this season has gone, I don't totally want a divorce. But Survivor and I are definitely gonna need some counseling. Previously on Survivor: tribes merged, Erik made up the new name, Ozzy got cozy with Alexis, Parvati created a new girl alliance, both of those made Amanda something-something, Jason shocked the world and beat Ozzy for immunity, he then shared his stick with Eliza, she played the "idol" and outed Ozzy right before she took the long walk down to Loser's Lodge. My lone beacon of hope is the promise that in tonight's episode, James will lose his record of "the stupidest move in Survivor history." Not sure what it'll be, but to outdo someone who managed to be voted out while holding 2 immunity idols...well let's just say this is going to have to be VERY short bus worthy. And with that, let's check in with the castaways as they cheat, lie and blunder their way toward $1 million.

Normally, I start the final segment before Tribal playing the "It's Anyone But..." game. Given the tribal dynamics, I think it's safe to just do it now. It's time to play, "It's Anyone But Jason!" We begin right after Tribal Council as everyone questions Jason about giving Eliza the "idol". He says that it was basically his only chance. He tells us that he's glad Eliza played it and not him because he felt stupid enough. Cirie tells us how Eliza was looking back at them so matter of fact and she thought it was funny. Quickie correction, though: Eliza knew full well it wasn't the real idol, so just knock it off. We get it, you don't like her. She's gone now, can we move on? Huh? Time for the credits? I guess we can move on then.

We come back from break the next morning and Jason is still talking about Ozzy pulling one over on him. While he feels dumb, he's very pleased to have beaten Ozzy in a challenge and that he feels like he has a chance now to fare pretty well in challenges now. He also says something about Ozzy not being the only God of challenges. Um won 1 frickin challenge. Get over yourself already!


Probst sighting!! Today's challenge will divide the tribe into 2 teams of 4. Now, I'm no genius, but my math tells me that there's 9 people left and 2 teams of 4 is only 8. Hmmm.... Anyway, one person will swim out to a multi-level netted structure. They will navigate that and then swim to a platform where a wooden board is set up with several painted tiles on it. The Survivors will have to remember the exact order of the tiles, swim back and fill in a duplicate board back on the beach. Then the next person will go. When they think they have it right, they can ask for Jeff to check it out. If they're wrong, they have to go back again. To make it harder, there are more tiles to choose from than will fit on the board, so there are several duplicates. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning team will fly to a local island called Yap. They will have a feast, some dancing and they will spend the night in a place usually reserved for chiefs. Worth playing for?

Jeff explains that the one person not to participate will be sent to Exile Island and not take part in the challenge or the reward. The teams will be divided by a school yard pick 'em. They draw for captains and Jason and Natalie are captains. Jason gets to pick first and selects Ozzy. Natalie takes James and Jason then takes Erik. Parvati joins James and Natalie. Amanda finishes off the Jason/Ozzy/Erik team. This leaves Alexis and Cirie, and naturally Natalie takes her girl Alexis, so Cirie is off to Exile Island. Survivors ready? Jason and Parvati start out for their respective teams. Jason gets back first, but not by much. Parvati puts in 5 pieces while Jason puts in 3. Ozzy and Alexis take off on the course. Ozzy gets back and adds 6 more pieces and Erik takes off. Alexis adds 4 pieces and James takes off. James adds 2 pieces, while Erik adds a couple also. Natalie and Amanda head on out. Natalie gets back first and finishes up the puzzle for her team. She calls it and Jeff tells her she's wrong. Before Amanda gets down, Erik has her make one change and they call it. And with that change, Erik, Ozzy, Jason and Amanda win reward.

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