Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I Promise

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 18, 2008

Uh,......what just happened?

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We come back from break as the winners head off to their private jet. As they land on Yap, there are greeted by some of the locals and are led to the village for their feast. They're all pretty much in awe. The food comes first. They walk up to a series of tables full to the brim with food. As they dig in, they are all given some local "beer" and some "betel nuts", whatever the hell they are. As they're dining, Erik can't help but notice that none of the women are wearing shirts. "It wasn't a big deal, but that's probably the most boobs I've seen in my life." No way, stop it, Erik. Like we needed him to tell us that he hasn't seen many boobs. But I digress. Next up is a cool tribal dance put on by the children of the tribe. Erik tells us how amazing it was and how cool it was to see how proud the parents were of their kids. Ozzy tells us how much he enjoys doing stuff like this with Erik because he's such a wide-eyed kid. He's never been anywhere or seen anything and he's amazed by everything and Ozzy really enjoys seeing him. As they start checking into more of the culture, Erik begins to partake of the betel nuts. He explains them as some sort of Micronesia chewing tobacco. After all his betel nuts and beer, Erik is kept up most of the night puking. As we all get a good chuckle at Erik's expense, the scene flips to Cirie.

She's out on Exile and it is storming something awful. It puts her fire out, so she's freezing and absolutely miserable. The next morning she tells us how there's nothing to be gained by being there because Ozzy has the idol. She tells us that as much of a competitor as Ozzy is, to have the idol on top of that makes him a huge target. She then tells us that she thinks she might just have to work on getting rid of Ozzy and his idol.

We finally check in with the folks who had to go back to camp. It's morning time and James is the only one awake. He seems a little irritated by this, so about 10 feet away from the sleeping girls, he starts to machete wood for the fire. They he splits the wood. They he bangs it on the rocks. Then he starts to sharpen the machete and the ax. Next, he bangs a large piece of wood into the ground. Finally Parvati looks up and tells him to stop because they're all trying to sleep. Naturally, James isn't too thrilled by that. He tells us he was up all night keeping the fire lit for them so they could sleep and then Parvati's gonna have the nerve to tell him to be quiet? That just isn't gonna work for him.


And with that, the rewardees return to camp. And here comes every reward loser's favorite part: where the winners (in this case, Ozzy) go on and on about all the food they had and how great it was and totally piss off the people that didn't get to go. Next we see Parvati and Alexis complaining about it. As they talk, we see James and Amanda talking about whether they can trust Parvati. James thinks she's starting to be all about the "girl power." Amanda tells us that Ozzy needs to be careful since everyone knows he has the idol. And the way the girls are getting along, he could be in trouble. We now join Jason and Erik as Jason talks about being the next to go and how his only chance is to win every single immunity challenge. Nice segue way as we have a...

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