Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I Promise

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 18, 2008

Uh,......what just happened?

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Probst sighting! Cirie comes in from Exile, Jason hands in the necklace and Jeff starts to explain the challenge. This is one of the simplest of all. They'll step on a log and have their hand tethered to a rope tied to a bucket full of water. They drop their hand and the water dumps, they're out. Last person standing wins immunity. Survivors ready?

The challenge begins and 25 minutes in Jeff shows up with a bowl of candy for anyone that bails out. Cirie and Erik decide to go together to share in the bowl of candy. And we are down to 7. James and Ozzy are blown away that people would drop out of a challenge. 45 minutes in, Jeff comes out with another something. Alexis dumps the water right away. Since she didn't wait for Jeff to make an offer, she gets nothing. "No chance." As she stomps away, Jeff tells her that she can mope and be mad. When he pulls the plate out, it's a chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk. As he offers it, Natalie dumps her bucket…not for the snack, she says she felt like she was going to pass out. And we're down to 5. As she sits down, James is just amazed, "That would suck." As he says it, he drops his arm just enough to dump his own bucket. And we're down to 4. After an hour, Jeff comes out with 3 chocolate glazed donuts. Immediately, Ozzy bows out of the challenge for the donuts. That leaves Amanda, Parvati and Jason. At the 5 hour mark, Amanda tells Jeff that she has to use the bathroom and she bails out, leaving only Parvati and Jason. At the 6 hour mark, Jeff comes out with a full plate. Cookies, donuts, candy, beers, pizza and all the works. He tells them if either one of them step down, they will share all that food with the people already out. Parvati tells Jason that this is a time for him to make friends. Natalie suggests that if he steps down, maybe the group won't vote for him tonight. He says he wants a guarantee from everyone. Natalie gives him the guarantee and so does Erik. Parvati is next in line. With their fingers crossed, Cirie and Alexis guarantee as well. Amanda reluctantly gives in, then Ozzy and last, James. Jason thinks about it for a little bit and decides to take them up on their offer. He dumps his bucket giving Parvati immunity.


And there we have it, folks. There's the move that overtakes James getting dumped with 2 idols as the stupidest move in Survivor history. I mean seriously, does he really think they're going to keep their promise? Why should they? Sure, he gets voted out, he'll get sent to the jury and will have a hand in deciding who gets the money. But if they all vote against him, he has no choice but to vote for them. I've said all season long that the "Fans" they chose for this season are some of the biggest chucklenuts ever to grace the Tribal Council area. And then we have this move. Worst strategic move EVER. Especially considering I'm sure he would have won that challenge. I'm actually blown away by the stupidity on display tonight. It's been pretty bad all season, but this takes the frickin cake.

Back at camp, Parvati and Jason talk about the challenge and whether they could have gone on longer. Jason tells us that he took a huge chance (ya think???) and that it could turn out to backfire on him. And not surprisingly, no sooner do they hit the beach then Ozzy talks about voting him out. James and Ozzy are talking about how stupid he was to make that deal and about how he just got outwitted. Cirie tells us about the guarantee and how Ozzy wants to dump Jason anyway, which makes this the perfect time to dump Ozzy and his idol. She approaches Parvati, Alexis and Natalie about making the move. They all say their down to do this and they agree to not tell James, Amanda or Erik. With Jason's vote, they'll have the 5 they need to pull it off. Amanda comes over to the group and they all confirm that Jason is history tonight.

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