Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I Promise

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 18, 2008

Uh,......what just happened?

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Parvati then tells us that she feels like if she went to the final 5 with Ozzy, she'd lose. And she hasn't been here this long to not win. She then goes on to say that she also can't see herself voting against Ozzy, Amanda and James as they've been together since Day 1. Natalie and Alexis approach Jason and let him know that Ozzy's the vote and that he needs to play it cool as if he's going home. Ozzy and James have the next pow-wow and James expresses his concern about Parvati and her girl-power trip. Ozzy tells us that he's feeling strong with his alliance, but because of James' concerns, he might just grab the idol and put it in his bag, just to be safe.

We arrive at Tribal Council and Jeff leads off with Cirie and whether or not she looked for the hidden idol. She says that since Ozzy has it, she did not. Parvati confirms that everyone knows Ozzy has the idol. He then moves onto the challenge. He asks Jason about the move. Jason says the odds of winning all the challenges is slim, so he tried to make a move and hopes they stick to their word. He moves to James and asks about the deal that was made. James goes on some kind of speech about tempting people with donuts and making promises 'cause they want a donut. It really made very little sense, but broke down basically to "I don't care what deal we made, I'm voting Jason's ass out tonight." Jeff then asks Cirie about the group not keeping their word, and she says that that's what it sounded like James said. On to Parvati and her thoughts. She says it was a crazy deal, but she can sorta understand why he would do it. He asks Ozzy whether or not the idol gives him some comfort tonight. He says that it gives him a little comfort, but it'll depend on how he reads the rest of the tribe. Parvati says she'll keep the idol and it's time to vote.

The only votes we see are Jason voting for Ozzy and James voting for Jason, "I thought I was the dumbest Survivor ever." were. But after tonight, I think Jason's gonna take your title, my friend. With that the voting ends and Jeff heads out to tally the votes. He comes back and asks if anyone wants to play the hidden idol and after several seconds, no one does. First vote, Jason. Second vote, Jason. Third vote is Jason's vote for Ozzy. Fourth vote, Jason. Fifth vote, Jason. Sixth vote, Ozzy. Uh oh, Amanda didn't like that vote. Seventh vote, Ozzy. It just hit James. Also, I didn't think it was possible for Eliza's eyes to get any bigger, but sure enough. Eighth vote, Ozzy. And we're tied 4-4. Tenth person voted out of Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites....Ozzy. BOOYAH!!!! They frickin pulled it off!! And with Eliza barely able to contain herself, Ozzy shoots back a look at the group that should have killed them and takes his long slow walk to Loser's Lodge.


Ok, couple things. First, last week I was complaining that there were very few players with any kind of strategy left in the game. Eliza was one of them and she went home. The other one I mentioned was Cirie. And I'll be damned if she didn't pull it off again!! I go back and forth on Cirie, mainly because she screwed over my boy, Penner. But she has played a near perfect game this time around and this move right here is the move that will earn her $1 million, if she can hang around to the finals. Every season, I get to right about here and start complaining about how the round of 9 and 7 are the best places to switch things up for the underdogs. And every season, they do nothing and get led like lambs to the slaughter. Well this time, they frickin did it. Wonderful plan and execution by Cirie and props to Parvati for realizing this was her best option if she wanted to have a chance to win this game. Second, I just spent several minutes blasting Jason for making the dumbest play a Survivor's ever made. Well, I stand by those comments. Just because it worked out for him does not mean it wasn't completely asinine. Especially when you throw in the fact that he had very little to do with the move that saved his ass. His job was to shut up and vote Ozzy. The beauty of this is that he now owes his life to Cirie and any good strategist knows that they have to exploit the crap out of that. I'm just so jacked up to finally see some good game play. Ami tried to get things going a couple times and failed, but Cirie got her ducks in a row and pulled it off. Bully for her.

Ok, with my fawning over Cirie's play done for the weekt, it's time to ask for your help again. If you like game play like you saw tonight and you like to see people analyze their situation and figure out the best move to make, then you have to send me on this show. Hopefully all season long you've been flooding the CBS Feedback inbox with messages telling them to put the fat guy with the big mouth from on their show. Of course, I would never tell you if they actually contacted me, but I can tell you that they definitely have not, so let's keep it going! I only wish I had Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst's email addresses to have you send comments to. But alas, this is what I have. So, head on over there and load the inbox up!!! Feedback. Thanks so much to those of you who've actually done this.

Next time on Survivor: Parvati tries to do some damage control with James and shockingly, he's not very receptive. As it appears that James is against any reconciliation with Parvati, the next clip we see is Parvati telling the rest of the girls, "We've got to get rid of him." Natalie tells us the girls could be unstoppable. Oh dear, just when I thought James was in a pretty good spot, it looks like he could be the target. Course, he could always just win immunity. But, I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see how that plays out. Until then, take care.

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