Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

A Lost Puppy Dog

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 6, 2008

She's a flip-flopper.

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Naturally, Erik is out there to meet Ozzy when he lands and breaks the news that they lost. He gets with Ozzy and starts throwing Ami under the bus again. He goes through the whole story all over again. Erik tells Ozzy that he is voting for Ami tonight and he'd like Ozzy to back him up. Ozzy tells us that since Ami made a move against him, he wants her gone. As Amanda and Ozzy talk, Amanda is trying to sway Ozzy toward Ami by saying that she doesn't trust Erik. She knows what Ami's all about and she would rather go up against what she knows. I have to say, as they head to Tribal, it's not looking good for my girl.

As the tribe gets to Tribal, Jeff rubs it in that this is the fourth time in a row. He starts with Cirie by mentioning that it's clear that they are the inferior tribe. She says that it's horrible and it sucks around camp. He asks Erik about the fact that the Fans are going one by one. He says that he realizes it and is pretty bummed about it. Jeff moves on to Ozzy and he confirms that the Favorites have had an alliance but that all of a sudden, the Favorites that are at the bottom start playing the Fans and playing both sides. Naturally, he's talking about Ami. He says that he's starting to realize that certain things aren't the way they seem. Jeff points out that Ami is tearing up and she says that it's obvious that Ozzy is talking about her. He comes back with, "Why would you say that?" She says because she knows that Erik has been running around playing both sides. She says that she could have gone with the Fans on the first vote but didn't and now that she finally feels like part of the group, Ozzy can just dismiss her as not trustworthy.


Ozzy comes back by asking her how they made her feel like she wasn't part of the group. She says that she hasn't felt like she's part of the tribe and that they never included her on the decision. Ozzy asks her straight up if she was gunning for him. She says that she told Erik and Tracy that to give them a good feeling around camp and that there was no way she would have ever voted for him. Jeff moves on to Cirie. He says that it would be easy to just stay the course and dump the last Fan. But Ami throws the whole thing into question. Cirie says that the Favorites all gave a lot of respect for each other and that there's a bit of a feeling that they're the home team and you don't want a visitor to come in and win. She finishes by saying that she'll just have to go with her gut feeling. Next is Amanda, what part of you wants to believe Ami. She says that she thinks Ami is a very good person and she wants to believe her. Ozzy's take is that he really wants to trust Ami. Ami comes back with a statement that she can't believe that he doesn't trust her. Next up, Jeff asks Erik why they should believe his story. He says he has no other option and that he will tell the truth and hopefully they'll see that Ami can't be trusted. He then asks Ami why they should trust her. She says that the tribe has so much to do and she wants to fight together. She says that she looked into their eyes and they should be able to trust her. She says she wants to keep Parvati and James in and even Eliza. She offers to give them everything she has to give to stay with the tribe. Will it be enough? It's time to vote.

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