Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

A Lost Puppy Dog

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 6, 2008

She's a flip-flopper.

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And to the Airai tribe, we get back to hear Jason bragging about how he was the MVP today. But, he tells us that he's very nervous right now, even though he has the hidden idol. Parvati tells us that Jason and Eliza saved each other today because they both know they're on the outs. Shortly after that, they get a delivery of pizza, bread sticks and beer. James uses his teeth to open the beers. Jason tries, but fails. So James hooks him up.

Over at Exile, Ozzy and Alexis are looking for the hidden idol. Ozzy's doing his best to pretend like he doesn't have it. He also wants to find out if someone found his fake idol, so he and Alexis go on the hunt. As they get to the place where the idol should be, Ozzy sees that there's nothing there, so he's pretty excited to see that someone found and kept his fake idol.


We come back to Malakal, as Cirie and Amanda are discussing why their team can't win. Talk turns to Erik. Amanda talks about remembering when he body slammed her a few challenges ago. Meanwhile, Erik's using his newfound skills to get some coconuts and tells us that he's just nuts that he's so close to the next level and it appears that he's got nothing going for him. So he approaches Cirie and Amanda about Ami. He tells them that Ami's been trying to hook something up with Airai since they got there. Which, of course, puts a different idea in Cirie and Amanda's head. Amanda comes back with "But after the merge, you're gonna go right back to Airai." Cirie tells us that Erik is trying to save his own ass, but that Ami can't be least by her. Ami joins the conversation by saying to Erik, "Are you telling them everything since Day One?" "Trying to."

We come back from break to where else but the Malakal tribe. Ami is talking to Cirie and Amanda and telling them that she would be doing the same thing Erik's doing if she was in his position. She tells them that she's stuck by them 100% and always will. Cirie feels that either vote will be risky. She's worried about Erik joining up with the rest of the fans. But she thinks Ami might do the same thing. As they talk more, Ami pleads her case that she is always the last one to be talked to about anything. She tells them that she wants to stick with them and be part of them, but no one ever comes to her to let her know that she is part of them. Amanda tells us she thinks they might be safer with Ami and her lies then with Erik, who they don't know very well at all. Kind of a better off with the devil you know kind of thing. Next up is Ami talking to Erik. She tells him that they all had a good talk and she feels like she's part of the group now and she thanks him for that...weird move, if you ask me. Erik tells us that he wants to talk to Ozzy before he gets too bummed out.

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