Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

A Lost Puppy Dog

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 6, 2008

She's a flip-flopper.

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We come back from break to the Airai tribe getting some tree mail. The note says that for today's challenge, they must select someone from the other tribe to skip the challenge, go to Exile Island and get an individual immunity that will be good for tonight's Tribal Council only. Eliza is freaked at this. First the mention of Tribal that night, second because they choose someone to be immune and you can expect that Malakal got the same note.

We go over to Malakal to see their reaction. Ozzy reads a note that suggests the challenge is a balancing challenge and the winner will be immune and get a feast. They try to figure out who the best balancer is. Erik tells us that he is hoping Airai picks him.

Probst sighting! First off, both tribes hand over their sealed choices to Jeff. Jeff opens them and the choices are Ozzy from Malakal and Alexis for Airai. So, Alexis and Ozzy take off to Exile Island with individual immunity in their pockets. Today's challenge will have one member at a time navigating an obstacle course while the other tribe swings heavy bags at them trying to knock them off. Once they make it through the course, they'll get a flag and try to make their way back. If they fall off, they have to make their way back to the start and the next person will go. First tribe to get five flags wins. Not only do they win immunity, but they'll win a pizza and beer party at their camp. Airai chooses to sit out Parvati and we're ready to go.


It's Eliza and Jason running the course against Erik and Amanda. Erik takes off like a bat out of hell and gets through with little trouble. Jason is right behind him. Erik makes it back with the first flag, as does Jason. Eliza and Amanda both fall off which sends Jason and Erik back out. Erik and Jason are having very little trouble with this. Both make it back with the second flag. Eliza gets knocked off and Amanda does pretty well. As Amanda goes to get the third flag, Jason starts to catch up. Both Amanda and Jason get back and we're tied 3-3. Eliza and Erik are back on the course and both make it to the flags. Both of them get back to make it a 4-4 tie. Jason takes off and Erik heads back out and absolutely crushes himself into the platform. While it didn't look as bad as it did in the preview, it still looked pretty rough. As Erik heads back onto the course, Jason gets back with the fifth flag and sends Malakal to Tribal Council yet again.

We come back to visit the Malakal tribe and they talk to Erik about how he is from the fall. He says he's pretty hurt. And it appears that aside from the painful ribs, we're playing "It's anyone but Erik." Ami tells us she sees no way he'll stick around.

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