Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

A Lost Puppy Dog

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 6, 2008

She's a flip-flopper.

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Okay, does everyone feel more caught up now? I know I do. So, the previews promise us a possible all-girl alliance on Airai and an Erik injury that may result in our second med evac in three shows. I, for one, can't wait for this episode to get underway, so without further ado...

We begin at Malakal after the Tracey vote. Erik tells us that he's lucky to still be there, but he's the last fan left and he'll likely be the next to go no matter what. They begin to discuss whether or not Ozzy is the leader of the tribe. He tells us that he thinks he has a lot of good opinions and know-how, but he's not the leader. He also feels like he has a giant target on his back and he's doing what he can to avoid that. Cue the opening...

Coming out of the break, we join Ami and Cirie apparently on the hunt. Armed with machetes, they appear to be crab hunting, and Ami is successful. Woo hoo! Or something. And so they bring them back and cook them up and then get joined by Amanda where they celebrate eating something not caught by Ozzy. Speaking of which, we join Ozzy talking to Ami later on. He's talking about Tribal being annoying and she tells him not to let it get to him. He's concerned that people will start to want to get rid of him now. Ami told him that Tracy was just doing anything in her power to stay in the game and get him out of it. She then tells him that she was approached by Tracy and did everything she could to keep him in the game. He tells us what she said and says that Ami is a little too adamant about it and he's feeling uneasy about her.


At the nine-minute mark, we make our first trip over to Airai to see what's up over there. They're talking about food. Pizza, nachos, etc. Which has Jason looking for other food sources. And for the first time since Season One of Survivor, a Survivor catches, kills, cooks and then eats a rat. Parvati tells us that Jason has really been trying to impress the Favs since they got there, but it's not working on her. I can only assume he's not cute enough for her or something.

Next up are James and Parvati complaining about being there. They want to go back to Malakal. James tells us that you could live on Malakal beach, but this place is where they send the criminals. The conversation then turns to missing Amanda and James tells us the original alliance was he, Parvati, Ozzy, Amanda and Cirie. James is worried about Alexis and Natalie making the merge and hooking up with Ami and Eliza. So Parvati makes a move to talk to Natalie. She suggests that Natalie and Alexis join her and James through the merge. At the merge, she suggests that the guys will be the targets and that they can pick up Amanda with the three girls and run that to the final four. Parvati tells us that as much as she loves James and Ozzy, she doesn't want to go up against them and that she might be best off running with the all-girl alliance 'til the end.

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