Survivor: China

High School Friend Contest

By Jim Van Nest

November 10, 2007

Jean-Robert thought he had aces in the hole. He was wrong.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the midway point of Survivor: China. When tonight's show is over, we will have eight people gone and eight people remaining. Last time on Survivor: James doubled up on his immunity idols, Erik found a cast-off idol, the tribes merged, PG and Jaime schemed, Frosti won immunity, Jaime played a fake idol and then walked off into her immediate future of trying to convince everyone that she "really knew the idol was fake." Uh...yeah. We were teased this week with the unthinkable. Todd is targeting James. What will happen if the massive gravedigger finds out? Let' get right to it and find out!

We begin as the tribes return from Tribal Council. Jean-Robert is freaking out over the fact that he thought he was gone. Something that seems to have been forgotten is that JR has not been let in on the immunity idol secret. Jaime pulling that "idol" out was the first he heard of it. So he was a little freaked out by something coming out of nowhere like that. James tells us that they can't tell him about the idols but they do need him for his vote. They're stuck with him now and they have to make do. Let the credits roll...

We come back and James is laying out the net to catch some fish. He tells us how no matter the difference in the personalities in the tribe; they pull together while the other tribe wasn't able to come together. They seem to think they're in the middle of a "high school friend contest." As James pulls in some fish, Amanda tells us that James is in an awfully good position with his two idols. She's a little afraid he could win it all.


Probst sighting! Wow, this seems early. We have a reward challenge. The tribes will be divided into two teams of four. One person will be put in a boat while three people from the other team will use buckets to dump water into the boat. The person will bail out the water to stay afloat. The first team to sink the other team's boat two times wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning team will be sent to a 1,000-year-old village for a little culture and a sweet Chinese feast. That tribe will also get a scroll to check out once they're there. They randomly draw captains and it's Jean-Robert and PG. JR gets to choose first and he chooses James. PG takes Frosti. James selects Todd. Frosti selects Erik. Todd selects Amanda, leaving Erik to choose either Courtney or Denise. Because she's light, he chooses Courtney. Which means Denise is not picked and will not be eligible for reward.

This annoys me. Not because Denise wasn't picked. I mean the people picked who they thought would help them win. Whatever, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that they would create a challenge like this that forces one person to not even have a chance to win it. That's some bullshit. They could have saved this challenge for next week when there are eight people and had something else this week. It's not fair after all this time that one person, no matter what happens, doesn't have a shot at enjoying this reward. If I'm Denise, I start rooting for someone to accidentally hit Probst in the head with a water bucket. Oh yeah...there's a challenge coming.

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