Survivor: China

High School Friend Contest

By Jim Van Nest

November 10, 2007

Jean-Robert thought he had aces in the hole. He was wrong.

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We get to Tribal Council and the first question is for Courtney about immunity. She says that she never expected to win a challenge, but if she were to win one, it would most likely be one that involved not falling in the swamp. He asks James if he gets concerned about not having immunity since he is such a physical threat. He tells Jeff that he definitely does. But he says that the biggest physical threat isn't necessarily the biggest threat. He thinks the talkers are bigger. The people that can form alliances and will trade off and switch around. He asks PG about the poor numbers. She points out that she and Erik were the only ones to bring their stuff to Tribal and that she was really upset to have not won immunity. Jeff moves on to JR and asks him how frustrated he would be on the wrong side of the numbers. He says that they had really bad cards thrown at them and that they're fighting against the inevitable at this point. Jeff asks if Erik agrees. Erik mentions that they should be thinking at this point about who is in the fifth and sixth slot of the six person alliance and that making some changes would be a good thing at this point. He mentions a couple times that he's not lobbying to stay, that he's just stating how it is. Of course, in reality, he's lobbying to stay. James is getting a kick out of it. He says that Erik is so cute with how he's trying to act like he's not working it. Jeff asks JR about Jaime playing the idol last time and did it make him nervous. He says that since his job is being the town jerk, he fully expects to get votes at every Tribal Council and that the existence of an immunity idol could cost him the game anytime. Last question is for Amanda and Jeff asks her if she really feels like she could be leaving at any Tribal Council. She says that every time you come there, you expect to go, because you never know what's going on behind your back. And with that, it's time to vote.


We see three votes this time around. Courtney hopes this is the last time she'll have to vote for Jean-Robert. Denise tells PG that she just happened to get on the wrong tribe. JR votes for James telling him that he's played an incredible game and that's why he has to go. Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Several tense seconds go by and no one plays an idol. The votes go like this: JR, JR, PG, James, James, James. At this point, it has hit James that not playing the idol may well be the dumbest thing he's never done. Seventh vote, JR. Tied 3-3. The eighth and ninth vote both come up Jean-Robert and JR becomes the second member of the jury. I feel kinda bad for Denise here. Because we all knew that the vote is between James and JR and since she voted PG, you can tell she was completely left out of the loop on this. Not telling Denise the plan could backfire in a major way. She was already worried about being last in line, and by not including her on this; they may have inadvertently confirmed that she's right. At this poin, though, there just may not be enough numbers for her to turn the tables.

Next time on Survivor: Todd tells us that he's stuck in the jungle with people he hates. PG and James seem to be having some sort of tiff. Hopefully, James is harkening back to the thrown immunity challenge. And a surprise at Tribal Council as Jeff says, "Tonight you will not be heading back to camp, we have more business to attend to here." Uh oh...are we gonna have a double boot next time? And if so, could James lose both idols in one episode? After the last two episodes of the show, the only thing I'm sure of is that whatever happens, it should be pretty entertaining. Until then, take care.

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