Survivor: China

High School Friend Contest

By Jim Van Nest

November 10, 2007

Jean-Robert thought he had aces in the hole. He was wrong.

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We come back to camp and there's really no game to play because no one is really standing out as the sure thing vote. James, JR and PG are all on the block and I'd say they all have a strong shot at going home. Courtney tells us she can't believe that she won and that she doesn't really care who gets voted out tonight. PG tells us that she's really bummed as she's next on the chopping block. She's hoping that Denise will join her. We then join JR and Erik hanging out in the water. JR tells Erik that he has the hidden immunity idol. He tells Erik that he's guaranteed final five now. Erik tells us that he heard that and realized that there was his chance. He tells us he's 99% sure that James has both idols and that JR's is a fake. Erik tells JR that he doesn't have the right idol. JR doesn't believe him. Erik then goes on to tell JR that James has two idols, one from each camp. JR is stunned to learn this. He tells Erik to keep it quiet and that they might pull a fast one on James.

James and JR head out to do some fishing and JR makes his play. He asks James what he thinks about the idol. James says he needs to start looking and asks JR what he's come up with. "What I came up with is the realization that you're holding out on me. That's what I came up with." Despite James' protests, JR has him pretty much dead to rights. He finally comes back with, "Now, I'm not even gonna ask you anymore. I'm telling you that I already know and I'm leaving it up to you to decide. Are you gonna work with me or are we gonna go on our own." He's playing it as well as he can, in my opinion. He already knows James is lying and he's laid the groundwork for a deal. Where he overplays his hand is that the next thing he does is threaten James that if he chooses to work against him, he could get himself into some trouble. James tells us that he's not an idiot and that to align himself with Jean-Robert will be "...worst move of Survivor history". JR tells us that James just kept playing dumb, so now he's looking at dumping him.


JR runs to Todd to give him the olds (as opposed to the news) that James is sitting on two idols. He says that now is the time to dump James because he will not play one of them. Todd quickly says that he knows and that he loves the idea and that they can't let James see them talking. Todd then tells us that he had that same idea a couple days ago and that JR is always coming up with these ideas a couple days after Todd does. The next conversation is Todd and James and Todd's spilling the beans to James about JR trying to take James out. He tells him that JR has Erik and PG, maybe Frosti and that he thinks he has Todd. Todd suggests now is the time to get rid of JR. They agree not to tell Denise and Amanda jumps in saying that she doesn't think they should stray from the plan and boot PG. She tells us that she's worried that Todd is changing his strategies too much. They pull Courtney into the discussion and ask her what she wants to do. She sticks with her "I don't give a crap" attitude and says that she'll be happy to vote him out. James tells us that he doesn't think he'll have to play an idol tonight and that if he makes it through tonight, he should be all right.

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