Survivor: China

High School Friend Contest

By Jim Van Nest

November 10, 2007

Jean-Robert thought he had aces in the hole. He was wrong.

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Courtney and Todd start off in the boats. Todd does a real nice job of getting himself in them middle of the square so that the other team has no real good angle at his boat. Courtney gets trapped over by James and Amanda and they're just drenching her. As the challenge continues, Todd is bailing faster than his boat can be filled and Courtney is sinking like the Titanic. Courtney finally goes under and the JR team scores the first point. For Round 2, Amanda and Frosti are in the boats. I like Courtney, but she really is useless in these challenges. She's throwing water and can't even get it all the way to Amanda's boat. With basically two buckets to three, the PG team really doesn't have much of a shot and despite a strong effort from Frosti, his boat fills up in no time and Amanda outlasts and wins the second point for the JR team. Just a thought, Denise would have done a helluva lot better job tossing water. Just sayin'.

We come back from the 102nd promo for the CSI/Without a Trace crossover episodes to see the winners entering the old village. James tells us that he's not the type to enjoy that sort of thing, but he was pretty amazed and touched as he walked through the village. As they eat, JR opens the tube to find that there IS a hidden immunity idol. He's completely blown away to learn that one even exists. You can see the wheels start turning right away. He is truly a good strategist and could have succeeded in this game...but the fact that he's coming into the Idol game 10-15 days late means there's not a lot for JR to do. He's at the mercy of his tribe. They can keep him or dump him at their discretion and he doesn't even know it. Had he not been such a tool, I might feel a little bad for him. He asks James what to do with the clue. James says it has to disappear, because he isn't bringing it back. Amanda got a kick out of JR trying to guess where the idol is. I can't believe JR can't notice that he's the only one with a huge sense of urgency on the idol thing. For those of who know, you can tell that the others aren't surprised by this and that they aren't too concerned.


Back at camp, Denise is pretty bummed about not getting picked. She says it's always been that way for her. She's a little worried that she might end up being the first one out of her alliance. As the five eat, they start talking about James and JR being a threat. PG picks up on the vibe and does suggest, "Uh...there's five of us here." There ya go, PG. You have a majority sitting right around that fire. And Courtney is definitely an outsider and Denise sure didn't get picked, did she? PG tells us that she's on the block so she feels like she has nothing to lose. She tells Denise and Courtney that if they get rid of JR before her and either one of them makes the final two, she'll give them her vote. Denise tells us that it is a very good plan. They could take out all the strength and go on. She hasn't decided what to do yet and she tells PG that. She says that she's going to weigh her options and do whatever she thinks is the best thing for her. Frankly, she'd be a fool to jump on this deal, and here's why: as it is, she is in a tight alliance of five with Todd, Amanda, James and Courtney. She is real tight with James. She's in a good place with Fei Long. If she jumps ship right now and goes with Courtney to the Zhan Hus, when it gets down to five, she'll find herself on the wrong side of the numbers with Courtney. The object is not "get to the final four and happily bow out", the object is to "get to the final two and win a million dollars."

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