Survivor: China

I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder

By Jim Van Nest

October 10, 2007

Let's just say that Leslie didn't mind being voted off and leave it at that.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Week 3 of Survivor: China. Last time on Survivor, Dave built a really boss bar-be-que, Jean-Robert snored, Brad set up an alliance, Leslie got a clue to find a hidden immunity idol, and Ashley and Dave scrapped, which resulted in Ashley being counted out. The previews for this week suggest that Dave still isn't happy and that Courtney and Brad overhear plans to boot her first. Should be interesting, so let's get to it.

We begin with Fei Long and Jean-Robert is snoring like crazy, while snuggling up to the women of the tribe. The girls are all pretty grossed out. He claims that he's cold, so he needs to snuggle to be warm. Courtney tells us that she and Amanda do their best to get away from him. "Like I'm gonna keep anyone warm, I weigh seven pounds, I can't even keep myself warm." We see more shots of him being obnoxious at night. Leslie tells us that the good thing about JR acting like he does is that it'll be a no-brainer who will go home when they finally have to go to Tribal. Cue the theme...

We come back to Fei Long and James has caught a crab. One crab. They chop it up and then try to decide what to do with it. Courtney suggests cutting it up and cooking it with the rice for some flavor. James is with that. Aaron thinks it's a dumb idea. After his objections, Courtney comes back saying if that's the case, James should get it since he caught it. Aaron seems to think he should get to eat a good portion of the crab. James pretty much lays down the law that the crab will be mixed with the rice to flavor some stew. He goes on to say that's amazed that he seems to be the only one who found his way to Barnes and Noble to read up on some survivor skills before the trip.


We finally get to Zhan Hu and Dave is working, working, working. PG suggests that he stop, eat and rest. She tells us that he doesn't seem to get that they need him to be strong for challenges. PG tries to tell him she's concerned about his strength and of course, he blows her off. He then tells us that in order to have energy, he has to expend energy and that camp needs to be sorted out. Or something. I have to be honest...he's speaking English, but I don't understand a word he's saying. He finally comes over and rests and lays there for about 30 seconds before he finds something else he HAS to do. Of course, along with doing it comes the condescending lecture to everyone else about how he had to do it. Frosti tells us that it was between Dave and Ashley the night before and you'd think he would just be happy to still be there. PG signals the coming of a challenge by telling us that she's just very concerned about making sure everyone is ready for the challenge.

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