Survivor: China

I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder

By Jim Van Nest

October 10, 2007

Let's just say that Leslie didn't mind being voted off and leave it at that.

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Probst sighting!!! We have another physical challenge. The tribes will square off in three on three rounds. Men against men, women against women. They will start on opposite sides of a boat. On his go, they'll engage in battle and the first tribe to get all three of the other members in the water wins a point. First tribe to three points wins reward. Today, they're playing for pillows, blankets, a big ole tarp, rope, kerosene and a lantern. Fei Long will sit out Courtney and Todd.

First up are Sherea, PG and Jamie against Amanda, Leslie and Denise. They take a little while to go at it and Denise makes the first move. PG and Jamie take her out. Sherea and Jamie dump Amanda with no problem and then Sherea and PG take out Leslie for the first point. The guys are up next and as they line up, Dave decides to do the challenge naked. *Ok, time out. I guess I understand what he was trying to do here. I guess his thought process is that the other guys won't want to grab a naked man. But come on dude. Do you suppose ANYone on that boat wanted to see that? I'm by no means a prude, but this is just unnecessary over-the-top look at me bullshit. Frankly, I hope James grabs him by his little winky and throws him in the water by it.***

The guys size each other up a bit and Dave and Aaron square off. They both go in. James throws Frosti in as if he were a rag doll. He then goes after Erik. JR takes himself and Erik in and James wins the point for Fei Long. It's the ladies again. Leslie and Sherea square off and Amanda and PG hook up. Sherea and Jamie dump Leslie. They also take out Amanda, but she takes Sherea with her. Jamie and PG finally push Denise in and Zhan Hu takes a 2-1 lead. And it's the guys again. Dave decides he's gonna go take on James. James slams him to the deck and then basically throws Dave, Frosti and JR in. Finally James peels Erik off the post and dumps him and Aaron leaving James the sole survivor again. We're tied 2-2 and the women will decide it. Sherea dumps Amanda And then Leslie. Denise is alone against all three Zhan Hu's. Finally Sherea gets a hold of her and rolls the two of them off into the water and Zhan Hu wins their first challenge. And while I don't normally do this, I have to say that Jamie and Sherea proved to be HUGE in this challenge. The last thing to do is to steal someone and Zhan Hu decides to take Leslie. Leslie gets her clue and the tribes head back to camp.


We join the victorious Zhan Hu tribe as they get back to camp with their luxuries. Jamie is pumped to have kidnapped Leslie. Leslie hits it off real well with this tribe. She tells us that she's amazed by how excited this tribe is and how well they get along. It takes no time at all to get info out of Leslie. She tells them how close she is to Todd and how Aaron is the leader. Then talk turns to whether or not people are Christians. There are three Christians on the Zhan Hu tribe and she feels much more comfortable because of that. She feels like her tribe is more cynical.

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