Survivor: China

I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder

By Jim Van Nest

October 10, 2007

Let's just say that Leslie didn't mind being voted off and leave it at that.

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And now it's time to play "It's anyone but Courtney." Her failure in this challenge was so huge; I just don't see any way that she doesn't take the walk. She's sat out a few challenges already and you feel bad for her on that, but her performance in swinging a machete was so piss-poor you see why they kept sitting her out. We get a close up of her hands and they are torn up. Todd tries to console her but it is not working much. JR confirms that either Courtney or Leslie has to go. Probably Courtney. They ask Leslie how Zhan Hi was and she said they weren't too bad. That there are Christians over there and that's probably why they chose her. She then tells them that she told the other tribe that Aaron is the leader. Aaron is really taken aback by that and tells us that he's now concerned about what happens when the tribes merge. He thinks Leslie will be the one to jump to the other side. And there we have it out for Courtney. Problem is, Courtney and Leslie are close and I can't see Courtney voting for her. I can't see Todd voting Leslie either, for that matter.

Leslie, Todd and Courtney decide that JR needs to go. If he's gone, the tribe will be much better and they could bust up JR and James. Todd goes to Amanda to discuss strategy. Amanda says they have to think about later in the game. Amanda is leaning toward JR and Todd strengthens that by suggesting that Courtney won't be a threat later on. They take their decision to Aaron and he doesn't want to dump JR, he wants Leslie gone. He thinks she'll turn on them and he doesn't want that to happen. Todd tells us that, inexplicably, the vote will come down to either Jean-Robert or Leslie tonight. How Courtney got off the schneid, I have no idea. Todd tells us that he doesn't really like keeping JR because he doesn't want all the bigger stronger guys to stay around because later on they'll beat him.


Jean-Robert tells most of the tribe that they need to either dump Leslie or Courtney. They're too weak and they'll cause the tribe to lose challenges. Todd tells us that he's also nervous about how well Leslie got on with the other tribe. But he still thinks JR is the way to go. As they head to Tribal Council, Courtney appears to be safe, amazingly.

The tribe gets to Tribal and lights their torches. Fire represents life and all that. Jeff asks JR if he's concerned about the losses. He says that he is and while they have the strongest guys they also have the two weakest girls and he points out Courtney and Leslie. He feels that they need to be sure that who they get rid of will leave them with the strongest team. Courtney points out that she's tired of the tribe doing whatever it can to not let her, Todd and Leslie play. She acknowledges that so far all the challenges are incredibly physical, but she's tired of being put "where I can do the least damage." JR goes on to say that while feelings may get hurt, he's telling it like it is and that after Denise and Amanda, their ladies can't compete. Leslie chimes in about how well Zhan Hu got along. She says they're united and they have fun. This is hilarious to me and has to be for Probst too, since the last two Tribals have been dubbed Tribal Therapy. She says Zhan Hu won the challenge because of their heart not the muscles. Jeff asks JR is he feels safe. He says definitely not. He felt he performed well in the challenges, but he thinks he is one of two or three people on the block tonight. And with that, it's time to vote.

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