Survivor: China

I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder

By Jim Van Nest

October 10, 2007

Let's just say that Leslie didn't mind being voted off and leave it at that.

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We see Aaron vote for Leslie, telling her that her kids in China are all grown up. We then see Courtney's vote for Jean-Robert saying that his snoring sounds like someone is choking a walrus. We then see Leslie's vote for Jean-Robert as well. After that, we see nothing. Let's go tally the votes. First vote: Jean-Robert. Second vote: Leslie. Third vote: Jean-Robert. And the third person voted out of Survivor: China is Leslie with the remaining four votes. An interesting thing to think about with this vote: Leslie told Todd that there was a hidden idol. She told no one else. Jamie knows there's an idol over at Zhan Hu. So that leaves Todd and Jamie as the only ones to know about the idol. And ONLY Todd knows that he knows. Jamie has no clue. This could get real interesting as Todd is privy to info that no one else on the tribe knows. As much of a gamer as he seems to be, this could be lots of fun.


Next time on Survivor: Courtney and Jean-Robert get into it even more. And at Zhan Hu, Sherea has had enough of Dave and you have to think she's wishing she had that Ashley vote back. And both tribes will get a lesson on the art of war. The quick clip suggests that they'll learn this lesson from some locals in full-on battle gear. This looks like it will be awesome. My apologies for the lateness of this article, but on the positive, by the time you've finished reading this, the next episode should be starting. I'll try to be more timely with the next episode...til then, take care.

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