Survivor: China

My Mom Is Going To Kill Me

By Jim Van Nest

September 30, 2007

America will miss

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the BOP Survivor recap. Last week, we joined 16 Americans going out on the adventure of a lifetime. This time around, they're invading China. Set in a tropical paradise mere hours away from four million people, the Survivors have to deal with some of the harshest weather ever and according to the previews, they might be dealing with some of the bigger egos ever. Previously on Survivor, Courtney rolled her eyes, Leslie said something spiritual, Ashley laid around a lot, PG got on everyone's nerves and Chicken's goose got cooked.

We begin this week's episode with the three Hu tribe discussing how to build a fire pit. Dave is taking charge and he's telling the group they need to do the fire pit one time the right way. He tells us that he's not thrilled about being in the leadership role, but he's embracing it. PG tries to chime in with some help, but Dave shoots her down pretty quick. She feels that they work well together. From what I see, she suggests something, he shoots it down and then she backs whatever he says. Erik tells us that Dave isn't very receptive to other people's ideas. As they're talking about the fire pit, Jamie suggests that they try to get the pit done quickly so that maybe they can cook something before today's challenge. Dave tells her she's wishing really hard...whatever that means. Maybe we should roll the credits now...

As the sun rises over the Fei Long tribe, things are much happier. Or are they? We're treated to a montage of shots of people working around camp, mixed in with clips of Jean-Robert sleeping and snoring. Courtney calls him the D-student of the tribe and tells us how he's constantly laying around. We then join Brad (flight attendant) and Amanda (beauty queen) discussing an alliance. They decide that they're gonna stick together through the end. Brad, displaying a strategy that no one else can match, suggests pulling Aaron into their group. His reasoning is that he and Amanda can call the shots, while getting Aaron to actually pull it off, thus making him a target for their dirty work. See? THAT'S how you play Survivor. So, they approach Aaron telling him they need three to make it all the way to the end. As they shake on it, Brad is feeling very happy about having his alliance in place.


The tribe then calls a quick meeting and Aaron suggests that they get into a routine. Jean-Robert suggests they all rest, which opens the floodgates. Aaron tells him he needs to do more. JR tries to tell them that he's still working in his mind and that he can be of use in that manner. He goes on to tell them that he can't believe how weak and tired he is. He tells US that this is part of his strategy. He's purposely giving off the lazy vibe, so that later on when he starts working harder, everyone will be impressed with the way he's doing so much more. You know, this might be a decent strategy. The only problem with it is he won't last long enough to start doing some work. He's on the block right now and unless someone does something real stupid here soon, he'll be the first Fei Long to go.

Back at Zhan Hu, they're carrying big rocks around and building a fire pit with them. They're still not starting a fire, they're still not eating. Instead, they're running around carrying 20-50 pound boulders around to make Super Dave's bar-be-que pit. Jamie once again suggests starting a small fire to cook some rice over. Dave shoots her down. He'd rather keep building. Cut to Dave dropping one of his boulders into the mud, covering Jamie in muddy water. I mean, have we really gotten to this already? We're only on Day 4 and we've already got someone juvenile enough to splash mud on someone who dared oppose him? I'm pretty sure I hate Dave.

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