Survivor: China

My Mom Is Going To Kill Me

By Jim Van Nest

September 30, 2007

America will miss

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We join Jamie and Sherea talking about eating. Sherea says she literally can't do anything until she gets some food in her. I mean, they've been there three full days without eating. And they have a frickin' pot of rice just waiting to be cooked. All they need is for chucklenut to agree to start a fire. Or they need someone with balls to just start the fire despite what Dave says. In walks Ashley. They tell her about the mud bath and complain more about not eating. We skip to Ashley making a comment about the amount of work being done on the pit. Dave overhears her and proceeds to lecture her about how he's done most of the work himself. As she suggests starting the fire before the rain, he talks to her as if she's three. "How many fires have you built, sweetheart?" Okay, douchebag, it's not a contest to see who's started more fires. It's not a contest to see who can build the coolest fire pit. It's about six people who are starving and want to eat something. At the very least, it's about you not being a jackass and denying everyone in the tribe food so that you can play Bob Vila in the rainforest. I don't care what happens the rest of the show; this dude gets my vote tonight. He'd be gone faster than you can imagine. The argument continues as Ashley refuses to drop it. Dave just wants to condescend and talk to her like dirt. Speaking of dirt...

Probst sighting!!! The challenge is a simple one. It's a three on three challenge. Jeff is going to release two balls onto a mud court. The first team to push either ball over the goal line gets a point. First tribe to get two points wins reward. As has become the tradition over the last several seasons, this is the "win the fishing gear" challenge. Jeff does give us a little tease that there's a twist he'll reveal at the end of the challenge. Fei Long has to sit out a guy, and they choose Todd. As the rain pours, the first round is Aaron, Amanda and Denise against Sherea, Eric and Jamie. While the challenge has a lot of potential (and if it were on HBO, it would have been outstanding), not a lot happens for several minutes as the tribes jockey for position. Oops, there's a blurry spot. Appears Amanda's drawers are coming down. Whoa, another blurry spot...this time on Jamie's chest. And there's more, Amanda is completely topless at this time. While everyone is struggling over one ball, the topless Amanda gets the other ball and takes it across the goal line. She didn't even realize her top was down. When told, her response named our episode, "My mom is going to kill me." Next round: Leslie, James and JR against Ashley, Dave and Frosti. Lots more blurs as Ashley is pretty much all out there. This one is less of a struggle as the hungry Zhan Hu tribe is no match for the strength of James as he drags ball #2 over the goal line for the victory.


Now, for the twist. The Fei Long tribe gets to kidnap one member of the other tribe. Fei Long selects Jamie. Huh? I'm not sure about the strategy there, but okay. Before they go, though, Jeff hands a scroll to Jamie to open in private. She has to find a private spot and read the scroll. Jamie will stay with Fei Long until the immunity challenge.

From the "when it rains it pours" file, literally, when Zhan Hu gets back to camp, their entire camp site is flooded. It's close to a foot deep everywhere. All this really does, though, is give Dave a chance to talk about how brilliant he was for building up the fire pit so much and not starting the fire. And on the surface, he seems right. But when you think about it, they just got their asses kicked for the second straight time in a challenge. This time it could be seen as a lack of strength, strength they may have had if they had some nourishment in their bellies. I mean, it's great that you don't have to find another place for the fire...but at the rate you're going, the fire won't matter much cause you're all gonna be gone soon.

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