Survivor: China

My Mom Is Going To Kill Me

By Jim Van Nest

September 30, 2007

America will miss

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They enter what Jeff calls "Tribe Therapy" and he asks how the leadership thing is working. Frosti says he might be doing too much, which Dave says is a "hard habit to kick." At this Ashley rolls her eyes. As we all know, Jeff never misses a good eye roll, so he hits her next. Here it is, girl; it's your time to shine. Whatcha got? She says that she and Dave don't mesh well and that she respects him as a leader and will ask questions, even if she's not supposed to. Which brings Jeff to Dave and does it rub him the wrong way. He says not at all and he just wants to get camp life squared away. Ashley says she doesn't expect him to admit any of that. She says that what he does is patronizes people and talks down to them like they're children. Jeff asks if it's just her or with everyone else too. She says that other people feel it too (cut to Sherea nodding her head...uh oh Dave, is she swaying them?) and that he talks in circles and likes to play the martyr. "The way he handles that leadership it's just, for me, it's intolerable." Dave answers that the whole leadership thing is new for him, blah blah. He asks Jamie what the tribe needs to do. Jamie says the conflict is a problem and that Dave sometimes phrases his demands in a poor way. He chimes in that he's asked people to tell him when he gets out of line. Um, yeah, Dave. Cause that's worked SO well for Ashley. Sherea finally chimes in that she hasn't enjoyed one moment since she's been there. She hardly knows anyone on this tribe. Dave says it's because they're working so hard, which is exactly the point Sherea is making. She feels like the tribe should sit down and discuss what's going on and what the goals are. She goes on to mention that Dave slams Ashley every time she says something. So Jeff asks Ashley what the criteria for her vote is tonight. "Uh, I'm voting for Dave." Dave says there will be a lot less eggshells to walk on if Ashley goes home. With that, it's time to vote and I honestly have to say, Ashley may have made a dent in some people. As they vote, we see Dave's vote for Ashley. We then see Ashley's vote with the quote of the week, "I'm voting for Derek Zoolander...oh, I mean Dave." Classic!


As Jeff tallies the votes, everyone is looking pretty tense around the fire. He pulls the first vote and it's Dave's vote for Ashley. The second vote is for Dave. And with the rest of the votes, the second person voted out of Survivor: China is...Ashley. Rarely will you hear me say that keeping the stronger guy early on is a big mistake, but keeping Dave was a HUGE mistake. He's the cancer in the tribe, not Ashley. He's on a power trip and without her; he'll just find another victim. Ashley did get in one more jab on Dave on her way out the door, "I'll see you soon." Niiice!

Next time on Survivor: as we see people chopping what looks like swords or axes, the voiceover says Dave is losing patience with Zhan Hu. Wait a minute, I thought all they needed to do was dump Ashley and everything would be peachy keen? Todd and Courtney overhear Jean-Robert telling James how Courtney will be the first to go. The last shot is of a challenge that looks to be another pretty brutal physical mano y mano challenge. Until next week, take care!

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