Survivor: China

My Mom Is Going To Kill Me

By Jim Van Nest

September 30, 2007

America will miss

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At Fei Long, they're checking out their new fishing boat. Aaron tells us that Jamie was taken because she's like a ray of sunshine on that tribe and that taking her totally demoralized the other tribe. Todd, thinking smart, tells some folks to make sure to watch the flint and everything else. He says in the Art of War it talks about stealing things from your opponent. We join Jamie in private reading her scroll. Inside her tube is a smaller tube that holds a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol at the Fei Long camp. Before she leaves, she is to give the clue to one member of the Fei Long tribe. She's decided to see who the weakest link is and give it to them, to make the tribe have to get rid of a stronger member.

When we get back to camp life, JR is talking about taking a nap. Aaron jumps all over him and an argument ensues. Courtney, who's growing on me more and more in this episode, tells us, "JR and Aaron got into a ridiculous bitch fight. We were all just like, *sigh*, in front of the spy? Really? Are you just gonna give her a map of who doesn't like who?" The argument actually continues for quite some time. Jamie tells us that she doesn't understand how her tribe isn't winning.

Speaking of a complete joke, we're back at Zhan Hu and Ashley asks Dave what she can do. He says she can break up wood. As he points out all the different places where the wood is, she asks him to stop as she can only do one thing at a time. Which gets Dave going again. Ashley asks why he always has to be mean to her and again he's talking like she's three. Sherea tells us that she doesn't like the way he talks down to Ashley. It's just getting out of hand, and Dave decides to take a walk. Ashley tells us that she thinks he's gonna talk his way into trouble.


Back at Fei Long, Leslie is telling us how sick she is. As the tears start to fall, she tells us she'd be much better if she just had her Bible. She knows that if she could read it and spend some time with God, she'd be all right. Now, I don't want to hammer her too much, so I'll just say this, since when do you have to have the Bible to spend time with God? Take a few minutes to yourself, sit down and do what you have to do. On the heels of her tears is Jamie talking about giving the clue to the weakest link. So she takes Leslie aside and gives her the clue. "The Lord really gave me a gift." Um, no. He didn't. Jamie did...and you could have at least said thank you. So she checks out the clue and it suggests that the idol is in plain sight. As we go to break, the camera zooms in on the archway leading into camp and stuck on the beam is what appears to be a hidden immunity idol.

We come back to Leslie still looking around. She's all around it, but never looks up. And even if she did, I don't know that she'd recognize it. It's doesn't resemble other immunity idols. It just looks like an ornate decoration on the wood of the archway. In a very odd move, Leslie decides she'll need some help with this. She decides to go to Todd to see if he'll help her find it and then they can share it. Even Todd says, "I can't believe she told me. I'm in shock, I would never tell anybody. What was she thinking?" He then tells us he's hoping to find the idol soon and then when Leslie goes home, he'll be the only one to know about it.

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