Survivor: Fiji

You've Got A Puzzled Look, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

May 17, 2007

I had an alliance with Dreamz and didn't get screwed!

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Part Two of the Finale of Survivor: Fiji. Yep, that's right. It's your last Survivor recap of the season. I know, I know. It breaks my heart too, but, I have to take a little break. Rather than recap last time, only one thing really matters. Yau Man and Dreamz made a deal the other night. If they're in the Final Four and Dreamz wins immunity, he will give it to Yau Man in exchange for a $60,000 truck. Well, we closed the last recap with Dreamz winning the Final Four immunity, but there's an issue. We learned before the challenge that the Final Three will all face the final jury and be eligible for the million dollar grand prize. Will that make a difference, or will Dreamz prove to be a man of his word and hand off immunity (and possibly $1 million) to Yau Man? We're less than 30 minutes away from the answer, so let's get right to it.

After yet another promo for Pirate Master, we're back in camp. Dreamz hangs up the immunity necklace as Cassandra and Yau Man discuss who is getting the vote tonight. Yau wastes not one second in saying Dreamz is the vote. We see Earl and Dreamz talking and Earl tells Dreamz he's happy that Dreamz won. Earl tells us that Dreamz now has an even more difficult decision now that the Final Three will vie for the million. Yau, Cassandra and Earl are talking about it and they assure Yau that Dreamz will honor his agreement, even though they're voting him off. Dreamz joins the conversation and reassures Yau that he won't change his mind. Yau tells us that he thinks Dreamz is a man of his word, but he is a wild card so he's not feeling very comfortable.

Dreamz is telling Cassandra that it'll be hard to give up the necklace. He says he played hard, took down an entire alliance and then fell over a car. As he talks with Cassandra and Earl, he says something very interesting. "Just in case, I'm just giving y'all a heads up...if I do the wrong thing, y'all better vote Yau together or one of y'all are going home." He goes on to tell them that he's fine with fourth place. He tells us that the benefit he'll get after the game is that they'll know he's a truth teller. He goes on to tell us it's a hard decision and he hasn't actually decided what he's going to do. Considering he knows that giving up immunity also means he'll be voted off, that's gotta make the decision that much harder.


Probst sighting! As the jury gets settled, Jeff lets the jury know that three people will be at the final Tribal Council. He gets right to Dreamz winning immunity. Jeff asks him about it and Dreamz says that this is a game about lying and cheating but when your humanity is up against it; you have to honor your friendships. Jeff asks him where humanity is on this one. Dreamz says that it's not easy. He loves the truck and Yau Man did that for him. He also says that if he gives Yau Man the idol, he'll be voted out. He asks Yau if he went and spoke to Dreamz about it and Yau says no, that he's not doing any campaigning. He says his gut tells him that Dreamz will live up to his word. That gets a nice eye roll from Edgardo. Earl and Cassandra both dance around questions regarding the idol...but in all honesty, you have to think Earl is hoping for a double cross. He finishes up by saying he wouldn't have to make this decision, because he wouldn't have ended up in the situation.

Jeff confirms with Dreamz that if he gives up the necklace he'll be going home. Dreamz says that the whole three people facing the jury thing changes everything. Jeff gives Yau a last chance to say something to Dreamz. He basically says that he hopes Dreamz lives up to his word. So, Dreamz, do you want to keep immunity or assign it to someone else? "I'm gonna keep it, he says" We naturally get reaction shots from all over. Yau just bows his head; Mookie is smiling and nodding as if to say that he never had a doubt that Dreamz would double cross Yau. Cassandra just looks sad, but the best reaction of all is Earl's. His eyes get the size of dinner plates as it hits him. He may have just won a million dollars. If Dreamz and Cassandra hold true and join him in voting off Yau...he's golden. And he knows it. Another interesting reaction was Jeff's non-reaction. He seemed to have no stake in it at all and went on business as usual. I can only assume that while he felt for Yau Man, he was imagining all the pre-air hype he could give this moment. And with that, it's time to vote.

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