Survivor: Fiji

You've Got A Puzzled Look, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

May 17, 2007

I had an alliance with Dreamz and didn't get screwed!

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After the feast, it's a fire sale. They light a fire and burn everything - from the palm fronds they slept on to the case their still digesting meal came in. Dreamz is reveling about making it this far. He says the game is over and he feels like he's "standing next to Oprah." Earl is also reflecting and feels this is a high point in his life. He feels like he played a good game while testing himself to prove that he is a man. As we head to Tribal, I feel it necessary to mention that it's been since Survivor 4 in Marquesas since we've had an African American in the finals of Survivor. And here tonight, we have a final three of African Americans. Even though Dreamz proved to be a liar and snake and everything else, seeing these three in the finals is so nice, considering in the past, the show has been accused (and I'm one of the accusers) of stereotyping the African American players. It's just quite refreshing to see.

As Jeff brings in the jury, I can't help but think there will be a lot of fireworks tonight as Dreamz gets ripped for lying to everyone and Cassandra gets ripped for riding coat tails. Who knows, there may even be a shot at Earl, though I have no idea what it would be for. Jeff does the traditional explaining of the rules. They are voting FOR someone tonight and the finalists WANT to see their names on the parchment. Power has shifted from the players to the jury and all that. Each person will make an opening statement and then each jury member will get a chance to address the finalists.

Earl starts off. He says he played an honest and clean game. He tried to make the right moves and didn't have to sacrifice his integrity. He mentions that he never got a vote against him and he never won a challenge. He doesn't want the sympathy or underdog vote, he wants the respect vote.

Cassandra's up next. She says that she started the game off slow, but that she wanted to make everyone feel like they had someone they could talk to. She was lucky to get with an alliance that stayed true and never wavered. And she hopes that after everything they can all still be friends.


Dreamz is up. He's just gonna get to the point. He says that they all know his life story because he told everyone. He says they all know what he would do with the money and he hopes they give him the money to help his life and to help him help other people. And now it's time for the jury.

Michelle is up first. She wants to know what was the biggest hardship they all were faced with. Dreamz says he had no problem with the elements, but thirst he couldn't handle. Even when you're homeless, you can find some water somewhere. Cassandra says her biggest obstacle was overcoming her inability to swim. Earl says the suffering on Ravu was rough and all the time he spent on Exile Island was tough as well. Before we move on, I just want to say that I don't believe it's possible for Michelle to be any cuter. That's all.

Edgardo is up next and has only one question for Earl. He wanted to know how he found out who had the immunity idol from the other alliance. Earl answers simply, "Dreamz." And that was it.

Mookie steps up and congratulates everyone. He then addresses Dreamz with a really stupid question. He asks Dreamz if he told anyone about the hidden idol. (Which, by the way, we just established when Edgardo asked the same frickin question. Pay attention man!) He then asks Dreamz if he felt it was a betrayal. Dreamz says no. He says if Mookie feels it was betrayal, that's fine. He sees it as a lie, a con a scam. Mookie then gives them all a word of advice and tells them that tonight is not the time to get caught up in a lie. Yeah, whatever Mook...sit down you sore losing chucklenut. If YOU hadn't told Dreamz about the idol in the first place, the whole game could be different.

Alex is up next and he looks pissed. He goes after Cassandra, asking her for a moment when she grappled with her integrity. She went back to the beginning when she overheard a conversation between Alex and Boo talking about her. He then takes her to task for pulling Stacy in and then dumping her when she wasn't useful anymore. As she tries to correct him, he just slams her down as if she were a hostile witness. For those of you who don't remember, Cassandra voted for Yau Man the night of the Stacy vote...but I won't let the facts get in the way of Alex's rant. Every time she tries to respond he basically tells her to shut up. When she finally does, he moves on to Dreamz. But before I move onto Dreamz, I wish, just one time one of the Survivor finalists would see that they're not gonna get the vote and tell someone like Alex to shove his vote up his ass, they're not gonna take this shit from him. He's not worth it and they don't have to explain a damn thing to him. But alas, she doesn't.

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