Survivor: Fiji

You've Got A Puzzled Look, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

May 17, 2007

I had an alliance with Dreamz and didn't get screwed!

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As you would expect, Cassandra gets one vote and Yau Man gets the remaining three votes and becomes the final member of the jury. As Yau Man takes his torch to Jeff, you can see the tears in Dreamz' eyes. And even Earl feels bad for dumping his boy. But in order to win, he had to make that vote. And that vote just won him a million dollars. And I'll say this right now, if either Cassandra or Dreamz wins this season, I'll never watch another episode of the show, for however long it continues to run.

While the commercials run, let's talk about Dreamz's decision. I have to be honest, and you'll probably be surprised by this, but I wouldn't have given up the necklace either. Granted, like Earl, I wouldn't have been in the predicament, but still... I'm sure people across the country are screaming at their TV and passing judgment on Dreamz with a lot of terrible names, but again, I have to say I'm with Dreamz on this one. Here's the deal: when Yau Man won that truck, there were five other people in the game. Earl was his buddy and biggest ally in the game. Cassandra was the third wheel who would do whatever they said. Boo and Stacy were not in their plans and were the next two bootees, with only immunity to save them. The only wild card out there was Dreamz and Yau knew it. Dreamz was the only threat to his game and as soon as he won the truck, he looked to remedy that. And considering how much Dreamz wanted a car, Yau found himself in possession of the nicest piece of vote bait he's ever seen.

The bottom line is this. Yau tried to take advantage of an underprivileged kid by dangling a truck in front of him in exchange for a shot at a million dollars. He knew Dreamz would take the bait and that would set him up for an unimpeded run to the final three. With the other four people involved "in line", Yau completed the deal with Dreamz to have his entire chess board laid out for a no-brainer jaunt to the finals. What he didn't count on was Dreamz actually having a brain in his head and deciding to take his chances with the jury. Now, as has been the case throughout the show, Dreamz comes up with good ideas and then butchers them in the execution. This was no different. He could have played the necklace thing out a totally different way by trying to broker another deal to stay in the game. Instead, he botched the whole thing and cost himself every single vote on the jury. I can't imagine a scenario in which any of those folks would vote for him. But, for a kid who grew up homeless, if he can convince a person or two to vote for him, he comes in second and has a $100,000 payday. Not too shabby when you're used to eating out of a dumpster. People will say all kinds of stuff about his integrity and everything else, but what they won't be able to take away from him is the fact that he saw through what Yau Man was doing and ambushed him with a surprising checkmate of his own.


We come back from break right after Tribal and Dreamz is apologizing to Earl and Cassandra by saying that it was just a game. Earl says he's worried that the jury will look bad on him for turning on Yau. Dreamz says that the jury will rip him up. Cassandra jumps in, saying that she'll also get ripped up. Earl tells us that he was pissed to have to write down Yau's name, but he had to do it and he hopes that Yau will understand. In confessional, Dreamz tells us that he has no regrets about his decision and everything went the way he planned. He says everyone else lied and cheated, so he's just right in the pack.

The next morning, Cassandra crosses off the last day on their calendar. Everyone is excited to make it to the final day and they take a quick hike up to Tree Mail and find a picnic basket waiting for them with a note telling them to look for a gift falling from the sky. About that time a plane flies over and drops a package into the water. And oh, by the way, they might want to check their parachutes, because the one on this box did nothing but fall right with that box. Cue the fiddles as they cook their food and enjoy their final hours on the island. Cassandra is just happy to have made it this far. She tells us that not being able to swim and being older makes it even more special for her.

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