Survivor: Fiji

You've Got A Puzzled Look, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

May 17, 2007

I had an alliance with Dreamz and didn't get screwed!

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On to Dreamz. He wants him to explain how he can possibly think about helping kids when he lied and cheated and everything else. Alex basically says that Dreamz doesn't deserve to be a role model for kids. "Cause it's part of the game, this ain't part of the real world," Dreamz replies. I love this answer. The game is based on cons, lies and deceit. He then tells Dreamz that he won't wish him luck, to which Dreamz thanks him and sits down. Before I move on to Lisi I just want to say something and I can only hope Alex or one of the other Survivors reads this column. Dude, how did it feel? How did it feel watching the finale back with all the Survivors there? How did it feel watching yourself rail on Cassandra? And then I did it feel to know you railed on her like that and you were 100% wrong about the Stacy vote? I hope it made you feel like a complete tool, because that's what you proved to be. A complete tool.

And now the most vile Survivor to ever play the game, Lisi. This should be stunning. She starts off by doing the old Eeny-Meenie-Miney-Mo. OH. MY. GOD. Do my ears deceive me or did she just go back to one of the oldest racist children's rhymes of all time when addressing the African-American Final Three? I mean, are you frickin kidding me? I knew she was a disgusting human being from the get-go, but this is a step even worse than I thought she was capable of. That being said, this column is done devoting any space to her.

Stacy, you're up. She congratulates them all. She addresses Earl and says that the only difference between Earl and Dreamz is that he's more sophisticated and will land on his feet when this is all done and she can't say the same for Dreamz with certainty. She wants to know why she shouldn't vote based on need. Earl says that a million dollars is a life-changing sum of money no matter who you are. He was raised by a single mom with drugs all around him. He pulled himself up out of that. If you're basing it on need, each one of them could need the money.


Rocky is up now. He asks everyone the same question. How did they manipulate the best? He wants them to use the word "kicker." They have to say, "I'm the biggest kicker because of..." He goes with Cassandra first. She says she felt that she listened to a person when they needed it. Rocky cuts her off saying he doesn't want to hear about her nurturing and positives. She then says she doesn't feel like she manipulated anyone and he cuts her off to move to Dreamz. Dreamz says that he's the biggest kicker for always manipulating someone else onto the chopping block when it should have been him. He also admits to manipulating Yau Man. Earl - he says he has to be one of the biggest kickers because he manipulated everyone up there as none of them thought he was even playing the game.

Boo follows Rocky. He starts by tipping his cap to Yau Man and says he was the one who deserved to win this game. He then tells Dreamz that you can't make a promise in your heart and then change your mind. Dreamz interrupts to say it wasn't in his heart. Boo then asks Dreamz if he played Yau Man from the beginning or if he changed his mind after accepting the truck. And he wants his Christian answer...whatever the hell that means. Dreamz says he was playing the game. Boo then tells him that he sees through him and that he's an immature Christian and that he needs to be able to pass on what the devil dangles in front of him. Um, yeah, whatever.

Yau Man finishes up and says that as a 50-something year old man, he has the advantage of not having all the testosterone running through and clouding his brain. He says he can admit his mistakes and that what happened with the truck was all his fault and that Dreamz should enjoy the truck and not feel guilty about having it. He says he's giving Dreamz the chance to stand up and say why he changed his mind. Dreamz says that he did not change his mind, that this was his plan all along. He says the name of the game is outwit, outplay and outlast and he did that. He says he came into the game knowing what he had to do and he did it. Yau then moves on to Earl with one question. Why would he not take Yau to the next level? Earl says he wouldn't take Yau because he would not win. He tells Yau he played the best game by far.

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