The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 12

The Teletubbies Go To War

By Reagen Sulewski

May 4, 2007

Maybe if they hadn't slept they might have won.

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Surprise back-to-back non-elimination legs have given us one more shot with four teams left in the race, and with the circumnavigation of the globe approaching quickly.

Dustin & Kandice leave from the Pit Stop in Macau, leaving at 2:15 a.m. and directed to Guam, that mostly ignored relic of the Spanish-American War of 1898. They'll then have to proceed to the air force base there, and be escorted to the air control tower, which they need to climb to get their next clue.

Charla & Mirna are about 35 minutes behind leaving the gate, and are in hot pursuit of Dustin & Kandice to get on the first ferry of the day to Hong Kong. They're caught in a lineup (at 3 a.m.!) and don't make it, giving Dustin & Kandice a nice amount of breathing room.

Eric & Danielle leave 16 minutes back of Charla & Mirna, but meet up with them at the ferry terminal. The mystery of the morning for these two teams is where Dustin & Kandice are. Suprisingly, and this may just be due to the hour of the morning, the idea that they've already caught a ferry does not occur to them. Eric suggests that they're researching flights, to which Mirna responds that they don't know how to use the Internet. Charla, who clearly seems to close to her fill of her, says that no, she's just never seen them use it. Mirna might want to be careful with the dumb blonde jokes anyway.


Oswald & Danny are last out, two hours and 22 minutes back (how did they shed so much time last leg?), and are carrying that 30-minute penalty for finishing last (which they blame on the karma of the Yield. Which is why Dustin & Kandice were struck by lightning, right? Oh). They're also still a little cash-poor. This is not the happiest and most positive team.

In the category of Future Adventures With Accents, Mirna tries out some mystery Eastern European conglomeration on their Chinese cab driver (why? Why would she think this would resonate?) and learning that the way they say "airport" is "airport". It's a fascinating language. Later we learn that Mirna chooses these accents on purpose – and worldwide, language teachers weep.

At the Hong Kong airport, Dustin & Kandice are busy working on their connection to Guam, which takes them through Tokyo and to Guam that evening. The next two trailing teams arrive while they're booking, which would indicate that they made up a lot of time somehow. Charla & Mirna walk over to another agent to book the same flight while Eric asks for just "the same thing they got," referring to Dustin & Kandice. This mildly peeves Kandice, but c'mon. Like they wouldn't have thought to ask for the fastest tickets to Guam. If they couldn't manage that, they would deserve to be taken aside and put down. Actual time saved for them? Zero.

Meanwhile, Danny & Oswald's day could be over before it starts, if they don't hurry. A full two hours behind in getting to the airport, they need to hustle to make the same flight to Tokyo as the other teams. They're not in time, but obviously there's a ton of Hong Kong-Tokyo flights and they catch one a half hour behind that theoretically could make the same connection to Guam. Of course, as we've seen in this season, tight connections are by no means assured anymore, and you're just as likely to end up an entire day behind.

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