The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 12

The Teletubbies Go To War

By Reagen Sulewski

May 4, 2007

Maybe if they hadn't slept they might have won.

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The supplies exercise actually gets the coolest moment of the day, as they send the plane into an extended nose dive to the point of "zero-g". I suspect that's not really part of a normal drop exercise. They level off, drop the supplies and start to head back to base. Already, Mirna develops some impatience, hoping that they can get back faster. "we're kind of in a rush." Oh! We didn't know! Um, you're a plane. It's going to go as fast as it goes. The only way you're getting off faster is if they drop you with the supplies. Hmmm....

Finally, the teams start to finish washing the planes. Dustin & Kandice are first and get their clue that sends them across the island to the U.S. Naval Base that's also there. Again, they'll need to be escorted once they get there. Eric & Danielle are second out, with Oswald & Danny getting out in third place. Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna have finally landed (I guess they skipped the side trip to Samoa), putting them in fourth place out of the Detour. I think washing the plane would have gone even worse for them, though.

Another peeve here; describing the race as a matter of "life and death". It's a matter of money, you self-absorbed twits! And I'm sure that that sentiment goes over so well on an island full of military personnel and their families!


Dustin & Kandice, meanwhile, are kicking butt this leg, and are first to the Naval Base. The clue is the Roadblock, which has one team member take part in a search and rescue mission using a GPS unit. Dustin goes out into the brush for her team, and proves pretty adept at this, although it is basically just following an arrow. Danielle is forced into taking the Roadblock for her team because Eric has apparently used up all of his. This is the first confirmation that the Chip rule is still in effect, which gave each racer a maximum of seven Roadblocks.

Oswald & Danny have had some miserable luck with navigation in the last couple of episodes, and are passed by Charla & Mirna to the Roadblock. Charla gets the call for her team, and then proceeds to start babbling to her handler about how walking around in hot weather is the reason military people get store discounts. Yes, I'm sure a 10% discount at JC Penny is the reason people join up.

Dustin has a pretty easy time with finding her missing pilot, and is then sent on to a landing zone where she'll have to call in a chopper rescue. Charla and Danielle, on the other hand, are entirely useless at this, and Charla keeps resetting her GPS unit, much to the consternation of her Navy handler, who pleads with her not to touch any buttons. Danielle, meanwhile, has to fight the Guamanian spider menace, but finally finds her lost pilot.

Oswald & Danny have finally reached the Naval Base after getting terribly lost, and Oswald heads out for the Roadblock. Around this time, Dustin is completing hers, and calls down for the chopper ride, complete with that colored smoke. Jealous.

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