The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 12

The Teletubbies Go To War

By Reagen Sulewski

May 4, 2007

Maybe if they hadn't slept they might have won.

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After landing back at the starting point, she receives her next clue, which sends her and Kandice to Fort Soledad, a Spanish colonial fort, and the Pit Stop. No more ambiguity from Phil on the voiceover, the last team to get there is going to be gone.

They cruise towards the fort, and arrive in first place at the Pit Stop. In addition to being on the last leg, they each win an ATV. It's now the fourth total leg that they've won, and one of the more dominant late stage performances in the history of the race.

Whatever the polar opposite of that is, it's what the other teams are showing at the Roadblock. Danielle is bursting into tears, Charla keeps breaking her unit and Oswald keeps stumbling around without finding his pilot. Dustin & Kandice might actually win by a day.


Danielle wins this battle of futility, finishing second at the Roadblock. Oswald has caught up to Charla, but there's still that half hour penalty to deal with, so it's going to be very hard for them to make it through. Charla gets an airlift out first, and her flight suits getup prompts the line of the night from Oswald, "The Teletubbies Go To War". He may be circling the drain, but he's still having fun at least.

It's now a race between the final three teams to find the fort, who appear to all be running around in random directions. Eric & Danielle manage to find their way in for second, with Charla & Mirna sliding in for third.

This makes Oswald & Danny's penalty moot, and eliminates them. It's been a couple of pretty bad legs for them, and although the penalty didn't come into play, their fatigue affected their decision making. It wasn't a spectacular flameout, but rather a slow burn.

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