Survivor: Fiji

Blackmail or Betrayal

By Jim Van Nest

May 2, 2007

Dreamz is betraying him right now.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Fiji. After a week off, I'm back to take you guys with me to the end of the Fiji season. Previously on Survivor, as is often the case, I take the day off on the best episode of the season. David and Kim nailed the entire episode for me, so there's not a lot to add really. But I do have to reiterate the incredible strategy on display on last week's episode. Rarely have we seen two alliances play such a perfect strategic round, but last week was definitely it. Earl and Yau Man are playing a near perfect game; however, as much as I hate to mention it, it was Stacy who put the exclamation point on a great turn of events. Even though he ended up on the short end of the stick, it must be mentioned that Alex played everything exactly the way he needed to. He was just on the wrong side of the numbers game and was forced to rely on the biggest flake in the history of Survivor, Dreamz. The previews for tonight's episode show Alex and Mookie finding Yau Man's idol. Let's see if they come up with a good plan for it.

We begin right after Tribal and Alex and Mookie are talking about how screwed they are. And they now know that Dreamz is not with them. At the same time, Dreamz wants to know why he wasn't in the loop on the Edgardo vote. Earl somehow manages to convince Dreamz that it was a last minute thing in case Mookie pulled out the idol. As the Earl alliance basks in their dominance, we get to see once again why Stacy is one of the most vile human beings ever to be on the show. She talks about having the numbers and that Alex and Mookie will now be lucky if they get fed. Way to win graciously, bitch. If there really is a Survivor Karma God...he'll see to it that Stacy gets bitten by a poisonous snake while on Exile Island.

The next morning, Mookie and Alex are discussing how terrible Dreamz is and he comes over to join them. He asks why they don't hang out any more. Alex is totally shocked by the question. Dreamz, still trying to play both sides, tries to convince them that his vote for Mookie was a strategic vote and that they all got played. I'm so bummed that he wasn't asked to explain how it was a strategic vote. He tells us that he doesn't care whether they come or go, but he wants to stay on their good side, because he needs their vote later on. I suppose it's possible...and if it happens, he could easily be the dumbest Survivor to make the finals. Lil and Clay would both marvel at how dumb this kid is.


Probst sighting!! Everyone files in to the challenge area and it looks like a nice game of pitch and catch. The tribe is broken up into two teams and each team will slingshot balls into a massive mud pit while the rest of the team tries to catch the balls in a tribal lacrosse stick. They can catch either team's ball and every time they do scores a point. First team to five points wins. Wanna know what they're playing for? Lots of bathing products that will be taken with them to a luxury spa, where they'll take a shower, stay the night and they'll send a person to Exile Island, where they'll find a new clue to the location of the hidden idol. Jeff has one of the comments of the night as he tells them that they ALL need to win these bath products. Heh.

The teams are: Yau Man launching balls to Boo, Cassandra and Mookie, and Stacy launching balls to Earl, Alex and Dreamz. Boo gets the orange team on the board first, and Mookie steals one to make it 2-0. A few more rounds go by and Jeff lets them know it's up to them as to how physical this will get. Oh, and did I mention this is in a huge mud pit? Good chance for injury, or humor. Honestly, I'm not sure which one I'm rooting for. Dreamz finally gets the green team on the board. On the next shot, Boo gets taken down awkwardly and seems to be hurt badly. He suggests it may be an ACL tear, which would definitely have him rooming with Mark Prior on the DL. They bring medical in and as they're checking him out, he decides to get up and see about putting weight on it. As he does this, everyone in the game and everyone watching at home can hear the crazy loud *POP* of something inside his knee. Now, I've had some unflattering things to say about Boo this whole season, but to be able to have that happen and not break down like a little girl, he has definitely earned some respect points from me. The medical team finally says that if he can handle the pain, he can continue. He decides to stay in the game. Next round, Dreamz scores again. 2-2. Mookie makes the next catch and Dreamz evens it up at 3-3. Meanwhile, Mookie is getting pissed that Yau Man isn't getting the ball to him. Who knew Keyshawn Johnson was in the game? gets the next point and then Alex steals one from him to keep the teams knotted at 4-4. And on the next round, Dreamz catches the fourth of five points for the green team. Earl and Co decide that since Boo has been living in the lap of luxury for the whole game, he can go to Exile.

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