Survivor: Fiji

Blackmail or Betrayal

By Jim Van Nest

May 2, 2007

Dreamz is betraying him right now.

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We come back from break and join Boo at Exile. Looks like the idol is back at their camp again and seems to be by a tree within easy reach. Boo's kinda happy about that. Due to his knee, he's glad he doesn't have to be up and about trying to find an idol.

On the sea plane to paradise, the filthy dirty green team basks in their glory and Alex is all about finding a place. He knows he's got little to no chance, but he's gonna do the best he can. As they land, the first thing everyone does is take a shower. And then comes the meal. Stacy tells us that it's very awkward to have Alex there. And he starts making his play. He tells them that they know he's always been a good sport. He's really scrambling and finally asks Earl what the order is, between him and Mookie. And once again, Earl shows that he has studied and mastered this game. His response is, "That information can't be revealed because the game ain't over. Can't be stupid." Niiiiiice. Alex tries to plant the seed that Mookie is ready to go. He tells us that he's planning on "bringing it" so they should be prepared. Uh...yeah.

The clean folks come back to camp and sore loser, resident idiot Mookie is pissed about it. He goes on to let us know that his mind is constantly thinking and now he's gonna make his play. Oddly enough, Mookie's "thinking" actually produces some results. He tells Dreamz that he's pretty sure Yau Man has the idol since he's ALWAYS at camp and tending to the water. If anyone were to have it, it would have to be Yau. So after Dreamz falls asleep, Mookie grabs Alex and they decide to take a quick peek into Yau's bag. As it is, Yau is out fishing, so they have the perfect opportunity. And whaddaya know, there it is right in his bag, the turtle immunity idol. In a very odd twist, they wrap the idol back up and put it back in his bag. Now, I'm not advocating theft, but if you're going to be enough of a puke to dig through someone's personal belongings, why not just take the idol? What's Yau gonna do, call a meeting and ask everyone who took his idol that only one person knows he has? It's a despicable move, to go through someone's things...but if you've got no problems with that, you shouldn't have a problem taking the idol. [A quick addition to the column: I just learned in checking around that it is apparently against the rules of Survivor to steal a hidden idol from the person in possession of it. And since they had the boys on camera messing with his bag, they certainly couldn't show up at Tribal with it later on. Just wanting to clear that up.]


We then join Stacy and Cassandra in the woods celebrating being the last women in the game. They hear Alex and Mookie coming and quickly hide. It's right here that the guys have the discussion about what to do with Yau's idol. They decide to "out" the idol at Tribal Council in hopes that the rest of Yau's alliance will be mad at him and join them. Even if it doesn't work, they're just excited to "go out in a blaze of glory", "Scarface-style." Um fellas...that's not going out in a blaze of glory. Taking the idol and then playing it at Tribal council...THAT'S going out in a blaze of glory. What you're talking about is child's play. A real man would have stolen the idol and used it for himself. [ bad on the whole Survivor rule thing.]

All of a sudden, they hear a stick break and realize that they're not alone. It's them and Stacy and Cassandra (and the cameraman that's following THEM around). I mean, for real, how do you hide in this game? Anyway, this totally screws up the plan. With the girls hearing their planning, they decide to try to beat the girls back to camp and try to force Yau Man's hand by threatening to out the idol right now. And as the race begins, we take a quick break.

We come back and the guys gave gotten to camp and walk up to Yau. Oddly enough, Cassandra and Stacy were not able to hear their conversation. They heard a couple words here and there, but nothing of what they were talking about. So the guys walk up to Yau and tell him that they know he has the idol and he can tell everyone...or they will. Yau tries to play it off, but they tell him that they found it in his bag. His response, "You guys do what you need to do." Oh crap! That wasn't what they wanted to hear. He tells them that he's past the phase where he HAS to have it. The look on Mookie and Alex's faces when they see that their great plan to "out" the idol is going to have no effect on Yau at all is priceless. Yau tells us that it changes no outcome for those two. He says it changes for him personally later on, but nothing changes for them. He decides to tell his alliance.

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