Survivor: Fiji

Blackmail or Betrayal

By Jim Van Nest

May 2, 2007

Dreamz is betraying him right now.

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So Yau man tells Stacy first. He tells her as though it's no big deal at all. He just says that Alex found his idol while searching through his bag. And she's disgusted. But not at Alex for going through his stuff. When the rest of the group comes back, she tells them too. And none of them can believe it. And I'm amazed at how this has played out. He just told you that he has an immunity idol. This idol gives him a HUGE advantage over all of you. He will use it to help put you out of the game. Yet, all they're upset about is the bullshit way the knowledge came to light. Yau Man is amazing. Every bit of strategy he has tried has worked. And this one was a thing of beauty. I mean, they're even pissed that Alex and Mookie then decided to bully him with this info. Earl tells us that he's bummed to have that knowledge out there. He much preferred to have it tucked away with just him and Yau knowing about it. But, to his credit, there's no way anyone else knows that he already knew Yau had it. Sadly, the only person to have the right reaction to all this is Dreamz. He feels that he, Cassandra and Stacy could be the odd folks out.

Mookie and Alex are reveling in the chaos they seem to think they've caused. Little do they know that they've only made it worse for themselves. Yau tells us that as long as they don't pull in Dreamz and Boo into their group, he should be fine.

Another Probst sighting! And this challenge is kinda tough. There's a Battleship style grid laid out on the beach. Each person has to pick a line of three squares as theirs. One by one, each will call out a square. Anyone who has that square will lose one of their three chances to stay alive. The last person with a square wins. First selection is made by Dreamz. He knocks out Earl, Boo and himself. Next shot is fired by Cassandra. She hits Yau Man and herself. Mookie gives Earl his second hit. Earl takes a shot that hits Alex, Mookie and Cassandra for the second time. Yau Man gives Dreamz and Boo their second hit and takes Earl out of the game. Stacy picks and knocks out Boo and Dreamz out of the challenge. Alex misses. Cassandra misses. Mookie takes Cassandra out of the challenge. Yau Man puts the first hit on Stacy and the second on Mookie. Alex misses again. Stacy misses. Mookie gives Alex his second hit. Yau Man selects and knocks Mookie out of the challenge. Alex selects and finally hits. He delivers the second hit to Yau Man. Stacy then selects and hits herself, but as she does, she also takes out Yau and Alex and wins the challenge. Ugh...this chick is already too close to the million, I can hardly stand the thought of her getting any closer to it.


And now it's time to play "Alex or Mookie?" The guys have decided that they're gonna cause some hell at Tribal Council. Nothing will be held back. They are gonna try to drive a wedge into the alliance. Dreamz and Earl are deciding who to vote for. Dreamz wants Mookie gone because he's useless. Earl thinks Mook has "checked out" and should go. Boo, back from Exile, tells the group that the idol is apparently easy to find. He's paranoid that one of the guys could have found this idol. So they come up with the idea of splitting their vote 3-3. So that way if one of them does have the idol, it will just serve to knock out the other one. Earl does not like this idea (and I agree with him), but he feels that trying to tell them to not do what they want to do would be bad at this point. Ya know all it takes is Dreamz to flutter back to the Horsemen and this "split the vote" idea becomes a disaster. I mean think about it. All they have to do is target Yau Man. He won't play the idol; he's too cocky for that. If they pull in Dreamz, it could go three votes Alex, three votes Yau, two votes Mookie. Then we have a tie and challenge between Alex and Yau Man. And if Alex were to win...they'd take out Yau Man AND his hidden idol all in one shot. This split vote thing is just not a good idea.

As they prepare to go to Tribal, Alex tells us his plan is to simply last through this vote. He wants to at least have a chance to make a play after tonight.

First question is whether or not the reward challenge changed the game at all. Jeff complains about how people were slinging mud and tripping. Mookie begins to talk about how an alliance got destroyed last time around and they have to deal with being on the outside looking in. Jeff asks him what they do. He says they came up with the plan and that was by talking about Yau Man's idol and that they "found" it in his bag. Jeff stops him there and pretty much goes off on them for going through his personal belongings. Yau Man says it was a desperation move and that it won't affect the game for the next couple rounds. Earl says he was pissed that they went trough his stuff. Jeff asks Dreamz about trust. Dreamz says his take on this is that after those two are gone, the alliance will have to split up and he wants to know where he stands. He moves on to Alex and asks if there are people coasting. He goes on a little mini-rant about past actions coming back to haunt you. He uses more Survivor clich├ęs here in one little speech than I've heard in complete seasons. And the bottom line is...nothing he said made any sense whatsoever. So, let's end it and vote.

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