Survivor: Fiji

Blackmail or Betrayal

By Jim Van Nest

May 2, 2007

Dreamz is betraying him right now.

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We see Mookie vote for Boo. Boo? Why? And then we see Alex vote for Mookie. See? There's a guy that's thinking. The two of them are done. They should just go ahead and vote for the other and get it over with. Mookie throwing a vote at Boo made no sense at all and hopefully will be the difference in the tally. Speaking of, I'll go tally the votes. Alex, Alex, Mookie, Boo, Mookie, Mookie, Alex. And we're tied 3-3 with one vote left. Eleventh person voted out...Mookie. YAY! He was a tool. He thought too highly of himself while not giving enough credit to others and I'm glad to see him go. Now, if they could please dump Stacy. Jeff ends Tribal perfectly, "Well based on what I heard tonight, it sounds like there's one very strong group of six and Alex. Which means Alex is either odd man out or suddenly very valuable." And here we see again why Jeff is the best reality host. Just in case they weren't thinking that way, Jeff planted the seed of how valuable Alex could be.


Next time on Survivor: Alex decides to play it quiet and Boo annoys everyone by talking too much. And we see a shot of a sweet challenge that has everyone's hands tied behind their back and trying to rip meat off of huge slabs dangling in front of them. Just a quick take from me, in this game there are a couple times to switch things nine, seven and less so at five. Being down to 7 now...this is the perfect time to change it up. Unfortunately, Dreamz is so connected to Cassandra and she's so connected to Earl and Yau Man, I don't see Alex getting three people to join him. I think Boo and Stacy would be easy to convince. If he can sway Dreamz and make him believe that he's fourth on the totem pole in that alliance, he might have a shot at running the table. And frankly, if he makes it through the next episode, I'm going to start talking about him deserving to win this thing. Until next week, take care.

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